Pay Attention to These 10 Signs If You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating on You

When it comes to love, many things can always go wrong. But one of the most heartbreaking things in love is when you find yourself at the receiving end of betrayal.

Being cheated on by your partner is the worst thing and feeling ever, and sadly, there are many who have gone through this shattering experience.

One of them is a woman who realized after years of being with someone that she was the other woman. Her lover turned out to be a married man with kids.

However, she has learned her lesson and wants others to know it too. Here are the 10 signs of cheating that you need to look out for, coming from the one who has learned it the hard way:

1. He seems unnaturally obsessed with late nights

If he’s been having one too many business dinners and the likes, chances are that he has something going on at the side. Make sure he keeps you in the loop and if you feel something is not exactly right, you need to act on it. If your intuition is trying to tell you something, don’t ignore it or act up on it blindly, but make sure to check if your gut feeling might be right.

2. Suddenly all the money seems to vanish into thin air

All at once you’d feel the finances of your household are going through the roof. And whenever you ask about the erratic spending pattern, you’d get one excuse or the other. If this continues, you need to get aware. Try to figure out and talk to him to find out exactly where the money is going, and if you can’t seem to get a sure answer, then something might just be really wrong.

3. He has new hobbies out of the blue

This one might sound borderline paranoia because you can’t really blame someone for finding things interesting. But again, you need to be cautious. If they are being secretive or too possessive about this new found interest and don’t want to include you in it, then there is definitely something wrong.

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4. Possessive of his electronic devices

Privacy and personal space is one thing but having a gazillion barriers between you and their devices is a warning sign for sure. Both of you should be comfortable enough in letting each other use their phones, because there is nothing to hide. It’s one thing that someones phone is their privacy, but it’s another if the other person is obviously constantly hiding their phone from you. Examples of it are if they always make sure to put the screen face down, or taking the phone with them even when they go to the bathroom for a quick 3 seconds and so on. If they are hiding it from you, you will simply know.

5. Being rude

The most clear sign of betrayal is when the person suddenly starts being on the offensive over everything. When someone is aware that they are in the wrong, they try to hide their guilt by turning the tables on you.

6. The quintessential ‘She’s from work’

It is perhaps the most widespread stereotype of all, and there is a reason behind it. Do not get fooled with this excuse when you have a bad feeling regarding someone. However, it also doesn’t automatically translate into scrutinizing any and every female around them.

7. He seems changed all of a sudden

He has new and ineffable tastes now. His vocabulary is all changed. There are just too many new things about him and you have no idea where all of this is coming from. Nobody changes so much without any catalyst.

8. He is actually putting an effort in himself

Year after year, you pleaded with him to invest in basic hygiene and he couldn’t care less. And now suddenly he’s buying that expensive cologne.

9. Sex is an assignment now

If sex has now become a burden rather than an extremely cherishable act, you need to get to the root of it. If he’s not ready to put effort into making your sex life work again, that’s a definite red flag.

10. He is always emotionally unavailable

He is not willing to give you the time and attention you need. He can’t care less about your feelings and is always complaining that they are coming in his way.

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