The Tibetan Personality Test Reveal A Lot About Your True Nature!

Your subconscious is a place that abandons all logic. It does not follow the laws of the real world; it marks the beginning of the intangible. Sometimes though, you can tap into the subconscious to understand yourself better. This personality test does just that!

This test, called the Tibetan personality test, is said to have been compiled by the Dalai Lama himself. To complete it, just remember to embrace the abstract part of you. Instead of focusing on each exercise, try to stay within the flow and answer spontaneously. You will need a notepad and pen, so get ready for the ride!

Step 1

Imagine 5 animals in front of you. They are quite the ensemble. You’ve got a cow, a sheep, a tiger, a horse and a pig. Try to imagine these animals and then jot down their names in whichever order you feel like. Remember, you shouldn’t spend too much time on it, just write down whatever comes to your mind.

Step 2

Describe the nouns in the list with the first word that pops into your head.

A cat is _______.

A rat is _______.

Coffee is _______.

The sea is _______.

Use only one adjective per noun.

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Step 3

Write down the names of 5 people who are important in your life. For each of the five people, choose a color from the following list:

Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Green

You can only choose one color per person. Again, remember, choose with your instincts, go with what you are drawn towards.

Now, for the results. What does it mean?

Breaking each question down:

Question 1:

Each animal signifies a priority in a person’s life. Depending on what order you have placed them in, it can reflect your priorities and how you deal with life.

Cow: Your career

Tiger: Your self-worth

Sheep: Love

Horse: Family

Pig: Money

So go ahead and see the order you have picked, its bound to be accurate 99% of the time.

If you picked tiger last, maybe it is time to reconsider all those bad decisions you have been taking. At the same time, if you picked love over family, do not be too hard on yourself. While the hierarchy of preference is decided by your subconscious, your actions are always in your hands.

Question 2:

How you perceive reality. Whichever adjective you pick describes how you see that aspect of reality.

Dog: Your personality

Cat: Your partner’s personality

Rat: Your enemies’ personality

Coffee: Views about sex

Sea: Your life

The adjective you chose to describe each word explains what your subconscious feels about that aspect of your reality.

Question 3:

How You Feel About The People In Your Life

Yellow: This person had a huge impact on you.

Orange: You consider them to be a close friend.

Red: You love them unconditionally.

White: You have a connection with them.

Green: Will always be someone unforgettable.

Colors tend to be one of the major ways in which your subconscious communicates with you. By using these abstractions, an almost accurate method of communication can be developed between you and your subconscious.

Your subconscious almost always has the answers to the decisions you find hard to make in reality. How you feel about those around you, what your priorities are and if you truly know what is making you upset, are questions we cannot answer in simple logical sentences.

These quizzes are basically methods of learning to rely on your intuitions and figuring out who you truly are.

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