How to Make Your Own Meal Replacement Shakes?

Want to know how to make your own meal replacement shakes? Let’s move on and find the answer to this super-easy question with the simplest answer ever. Wonder how to make diet shakes at home? One more time, it is very and very easy, do not worry.  

Finally, how to make diet shakes for weight loss?

Follow these steps to get to know how to make weight loss protein shakes at home:

Step 1

Choose the flavor you would like to have a shake with and select fruits, veggies, and other food extracts to create your super delicious meal replacement shake. For example, you may consider putting kiwi, mango, orange, banana, coconut milk there. It is worth mentioning that if you want to have a chocolate shake, they will ideally be combined with cherries and berries. But if you want a vega shake, add some carrot or pepper there for extra taste.

Step 2

Calculate your protein source. Instead of protein powder, consider almond or peanut butter, yogurt, or pasteurized egg substitute. If you put protein into your shake, you will feel full longer.

Step 3

Use other ingredients. You may utilize 6-8 ounces of liquid per portion. Add in a half of a cup the vegetables or fruits. Use some sweeteners as much as you like. For instance, you may use vanilla, peppermint, cinnamon or lemon, which contain a minimal number of calories to make your shake taste better.

Step 4

Measure the number of calories by adding all the ingredients calories together.

Step 5

Put all the ingredients into a blender. Note that they are to be only a half of a liquid, and mix them.

Step 6

Add some ice cubes into the blended shake. Push the blender to break the ice completely. Add the additional ice and the rest of the liquid until the drink reaches its full consistency. Note that if you make a shake out of frozen fruits, you won’t need to add any ice cubes.

Step 7

Taste the drink. Add the flavoring extracts if you like so that it tastes delicious. Add sweeteners if you want and blend. Additionally, you can put some nutritional supplements or vitamin drops into the shake.

Shakeology Review

Even if you dislike the way your shakes are, you have a way out, which through trying out Shakeology. This is such a powder that has many advantages. For example, it improves metabolism, immune system, eliminates food craving, decreases the risk of heart stroke, attack, or disease. As a result, you will have a good mood, lose weight, and feel great. Just imagine you are not in all these baggy-bulky clothes trying to hide your body shapes:). Also, it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals for you to feel energetic throughout a day.  Just try it and you won’t regret!

To sum up, you may either prepare meal replacement shakes yourself or trust the professionals and choose Shakeology. Like any other shake, this one has also some disadvantages, but they are minimal so that you will not risk with your health. Nevertheless, we recommend asking your doctor prior to purchasing any kind of meal replacement shakes, even the one you want to make yourself.

May your weight dreams come true! Have a nice day, friend!

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