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Microsoft is a famous company worldwide. In addition to their products, they also offer certification services. Their certifications are highly valued and recognized worldwide. These certifications help you grow through your career as they start at the basic level MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) then advances to MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) and finally, the highest levels are the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) and the MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer). Thus, they help you boost your career with advancing your skills.

Reasons to get certified

There are several advantages of being Microsoft certified. They include the following:

  • Certifications contribute to career growth opportunities since a promotion will most likely come your way.
  • With certifications, you become of a high value and your chances of being hired greatly increases.
  • Certifications will open an opportunity for you to receive a higher salary.


The MCSA certifications are the most popular among professionals. They provide relevant career skills and also act as prerequisites to getting the expert level certifications. To obtain a certification you need to pass one or more exams associated with it although you should also note that some exams lead to getting different credentials, according to the chosen professional track. They help you get certified and also act as a prerequisite to a higher level certification. An example of such an exam is 70-486. This exam is required for you to get an MCSA Web Application certification while it is also a prerequisite to MCSD App Builder certification. Below are useful highlights about this exam.

Exam 70-486 overview

To opt for 70-486 exam, means that you’ve already passed the first step by taking either 70-480 or 70-483 tests. Microsoft 70-486 test is designed to assess developers that have at least three to five years’ experience in developing Microsoft ASP.NET web applications, as well as at least years developing solutions based on MVC. The topics covered in the exam are the following:

Application architecture design

Application layer planning, the design of a distributed application, configuring state management, caching strategy design and a configuration management solution, designing and implementing a Web Socket strategy, interacting with the host environment

Designing the build and deployment architecture

It covers the design of a browser artifact build strategy, design of a server build strategy, implementation of an Azure deployment strategy and implementation of an on-premises deployment strategy

User-experience design

Creation of elements of the user interface for a web application, UI design and implementation, composure of UI layout application, planning a responsive UI layout as well as a mobile UI strategy

Development of the user experience

Planning for optimization of the search engine and it’s accessibility, global and local planning and implementation, designing and implementation of MVC controllers and actions, using MVC extensibility points in controlling application behavior, designing and implementation of serialization and model binding

Troubleshoot and debug activities on web applications

Prevention and troubleshooting of runtime errors, the design strategy for an exception handling, test of web applications and debugging Azure applications.

Security design and implementation

Authentication configuration, configuration and application of authorization, design and implementation of authentication based on claims, management of data integrity and implementation of site security.


Question formats

As with any exam, you will find different question formats in exam 70-486. It is also important to understand in which format an answer is required.

  • Drag and drop questions involving activities that require you to drop objects into a correct drop zone.
  • A build list which provides an action and answer area.
  • Hot area question types that provide a way for you to submit an answer in a graphical form.
  • Short answer questions which require you to write a few lines of code with the guidance of provided keywords.
  • Active screen questions that have controls to help you answer questions in a dialogue box.
  • Case study questions that present a business case and then ask questions about it in an overview screen.

Preparation tips

Below are some of the best preparation options that will help you pass 70-486 exam with ease.

Instructor-led training

You have an instructor who should help you through the course 20486C for developing ADP.NET MVC Web Applications in a classroom environment. This course uses Microsoft official training content and hence you will learn howto develop advanced ASP.NET MVC applications using .NET Framework tools and technologies. In addition, you will have the privilege of asking the instructor questions.

Exam prep video

You can watch the Microsoft certification prep talk for exam 70-486 in which certification IT experts discuss important aspects about the skills measured in the exam.

Self-paced training

Self-paced training courses can be found on the Microsoft Virtual Academy. For the exam 70-486 the course to look for is called Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications Jump Start.

Practice test

It is also useful to take a Microsoft official practice test for exam 70-486 to help you get acquainted with the topics and question formats.

Exam dumps

Without doubt, exam dumps provide one of the best preparation methods for any certification exam. They contain previous exam questions with answers, carefully checked by IT experts, that’s why they are so valuable in your preparation process. Still, when you want to use dumps in your preparation, make sure you choose the right source or else they might be as good as useless. One trusted source is ExamSnap website. This site provides up to date dumps for 70-486 exam as well as for any other certification test that will make your preparation process both interesting and effective. In addition to that, a great collection of video courses, led by qualified IT experts are also at your disposal. Visit ExamSnap online platform to strengthen your exam preparation with the most qualified materials. 


Passing exam 70-486 greatly contributes to career growth as it enables you to obtain the MCSA Web Applications certification. This credential, in turn, serves as a prerequisite for getting the MCSD App Builder certification. This is of value if you have future plans to advance to high-level certifications. With the information shared in this paper and ExamSnap’s material, you will have no difficulty in passing your exam. It is time to now grow your career.

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