4 Best Jobs for Couples Who Want to Work Together

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley may be the most famous and well-known working couple. While the two simply started out as friends while working within close proximity to each other, their relationship eventually blossomed into a full-fledged romance and was one of the more followed storylines in recent television history.

Even though our lives can’t be as perfect as any TV couple, there are still plenty of people out there who would like to work with their significant other.

It might be hard to find two openings at the same business and make sure you both get hired at the same time. But, there are plenty of other options for those couples who want to work together. You already planned a wedding together, working together is just another step for you both. And you know what they say, couples that jointly file their business taxes together stay together! Or something like that.

Running Your Own Business

It should come to no one’s surprise that at the top of our list is running a business together. You two can be the co-managers, co-owners, co-presidents or whatever, but running a business together is surefire way to be around each other more.

Roughly 400,000 new businesses are opened each year and while the numbers are hard to pin down exactly, there are some estimates that anywhere between 20-30% of those new businesses are opened by couples.

Your new business could be buying an existing franchise, like that Shell gas station down the road or opening up your own altogether.

Maybe it’s a sewing store and one of you can handle the customer side, finding products, teaching classes, making the alterations, etc. the other can handle the business side like balancing the books, making a budget, hiring employees and more. You could create your own online business and sell products, offer services or both. You will need to start with a catchy domain and register it, build a mobile responsive website, and learn SEO or hire someone to handle it for you. Whether you decide to have an online only store or a physical store, your online presence is just as important.

It’s important to look at both people’s strengths and weaknesses and see what you can do to keep the business running and flourishing.

Property Caretakers

If you love to travel and see new places, then this position might be for you. Property caretakers do just that: take care of properties. These properties are usually places that are owned by someone who is not there year round. Think of ranches, farms, houses, agricultural areas and more.

The job, should be, relatively easy: make sure the place doesn’t burn to the ground. You might have to learn how to best take care of some plants, the ground or even animals but the learning curve shouldn’t be so steep.

The downside if you could be placed in some very remote areas and not have a lot of human contact for quite some time. All work and no play makes the couple a dull couple.

Some people do travel the world and focus on one area of property care, like houses. If you don’t mind living out of a suitcase for quite some time, then it’s worth looking into.

Mission Work

Now, this doesn’t have to be strictly religious work if that’s what you’re thinking. But, it could be a way to work with at-risk children or families in need. There are plenty of places all over the country that are seeking help.

Some of these places are in big cities while others are quite remote, like rehab programs. These jobs don’t require much, but that you have an open mind and heart and are willing to help foster learning and recovery in youth or other people.

Storage Management

Maybe the most random item on the list, but there are plenty of storage places that offer work for couples. Why? Because they need someone on site at all times, ready to attend to customers who may be coming by to drop something off or pick something up.

Many of these jobs offer live-in quarters as a bonus, but that also means you may not get to leave the site as much as you want to. It could also be hard to separate the difference between work and home.

These jobs may require a background in management or hospitality, so be sure and read the job postings carefully before you go ahead and apply.

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