How to get a Hollywood smile

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. A beautiful smile can really make a person look very attractive and thus having decent-looking teeth is very important. Bad habits can lead to stained teeth or even tooth decay. Eating too many sweets and not brushing and flossing often enough results in accelerated rates of tooth decay. Also, depending on where you live you may not have access to the fluorinated water which helps to protect your teeth.

Tooth whitening gel is one of the cheaper options that are available for improving your smile. This is a treatment that works for people who have teeth that are badly stained because of habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking lots of coffee. This is one of many procedures that can be done at clinics such as the Vera Clinic .

Dental veneers are an option for people who want to improve the appearance of their smile. The procedure does not take long to perform and it really involves fitting a porcelain shell onto the outer surface of your front teeth. These are the teeth that make up your smile and thus correcting any imperfections by using veneers can greatly improve the overall look of your smile.

Sometimes resin is used rather than porcelain but, generally, the porcelain gives better results because it has improved stain resistant qualities. The process is simple and involves bonding thin layers of porcelain to the outer surface of the tooth.

Other ways to get a Hollywood smile

Dental crowns are a somewhat expensive option but are often necessary if you have a badly broken and infected tooth. In the case of an infected tooth, a root canal has to be done first to remove all the infected material from deep inside the tooth.

Often the tooth is weak and broken and the pulp cavity exposed, which is what led to the infection in the first place. A crown is often needed because the tooth that is remaining is too weak and will not function well, besides which if it is a front tooth, then this will affect your smile in a bad way.

Crowns that are strongest are often made of porcelain and they are quite expensive. Often the remains of the tooth need to be modified so that they can accept a crown.

A temporary crown usually is placed first and then a proper permanent dental crown is made and fixed into place. The crown has to be carefully made so as to match the shade and size of your surrounding teeth.

The most expensive option to improve your smile is to have dental implants. Sometimes these are also used to place a bridge into position. Implants are the strongest and most permanent solution for missing and broken teeth since they are screwed and bonded into the jawbone.

Your front teeth are not only what makes up your smile but they also need to be able to withstand the force and pressure of biting into food. This is why replacing weak and broken teeth with crowns and implants would be a good idea.

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