Breaking Stigma and Taboo with Online Therapy

Even with over 200 proven categories of mental illnesses, talking about this subject is still something that individuals deem to be controversial. To some communities, mental illness is considered a taboo, something that has forced the patients to burry themselves in suffering. They do so due to the fear of what people might think or talk about them.

For the longest time now, people have depended on therapy to help them get over depression and mental health problems. Just like other illnesses, the patients need proper care and treatment to get over the overwhelming feeling, and therapy has proven to be the most effective way of doing so.

Mental illness is hard to explain, mainly because it is not a physical or visible illness. It may originate from genetics or environmental triggers. However, the ignorance that exists around mental health problems is perplexing. It is the reason why a lot of individuals are drowning in this problem. They are afraid to share their problems because they do not want to be judged.

It has come to a point where some individuals will book an appointment with a therapist, drive all the way, but on arrival; they drive back home without seeing the mental health expert. The stigma is getting out of hand and it is high time people changed their perspective on mental health.

Online therapy to end the stigma

The good news is there is a new, better, and convenient way of dealing with the stigma. Millions of people are using online therapy which has become a lifesaver; anyone can now access treatment without worrying about being judged.

Online therapy, also known as e-therapy, is a kind of mental illness treatment that is purely done through internet platforms. This means that you do not have to leave where you are to look for a therapist. You do not have to worry about anyone seeing you going to the therapist and stigmatizing you. The therapists are professionals and will keep your details discrete. If you wish, not even those that are closest to you will find out that you are undergoing therapy.

Other than convenience and being discrete, online therapy is way cheaper compared to conventional treatment. Look at the pricing on by these online therapy companies and compare that to a general average of $150 per session. With this, anyone can afford the services. One of the reasons why people have opted to suffer with depression and other forms of mental illness is due to a lack of funds. The facilities have become too expensive, especially with the increased cases of mental illness, but online therapy is changing the game. You no longer have to struggle with raising funds. All you got to do is ensure that your insurance provider covers online therapy, and you are good to go.

Mental illness stigma is there, and it not only complicates the outcomes at a personal level but also it paints a bad picture of the care resources available. It could result in the delay of public resources assigned for mental health, thus leading to poor quality care. Stigma and taboo are the reasons why most individuals with mental illness fail to engage in therapy, which currently have catastrophic effects, but with online therapy and its numerous proven benefits, everything is bound to get better with time.

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