6 Tips for Your Office Secret Santa

Christmas Season is once again right at the doorstep, and you can’t do anything to prevent all the traditional games and events surrounding your everyday.

One of the most common traditions in workplaces is the Secret Santa game. A lovely tradition about exchanging gifts with colleagues around the office during the festivities.

If you are lucky, you might get a close friend as your gift recipient, but there’s always a chance you’ll need to buy a gift for someone you barely know.

If this is your case, don’t stress about what you’re going to buy for them, follow this quick guide and you’ll find a perfect gift that your Secret Santa will love.

The Thought is What Counts

Yes, this is a cliché, but it is essential for Christmas gifts. There’s a massive difference between giving a present wrapped by the store, and the same gift with a handwritten card and wrapped by yourself with a funny looking paper.

You don’t need to write a heartfelt message, a simple note mentioning why you bought this specific gift, and festive thoughts is a great way to distinguish your gift from others.

Do Your Research

The fun in playing Secret Santa is keeping the mystery about who is gifting you a present by the end of the game. However, this often leads to people who don’t research their colleagues and end up gifting generic presents.

Ask around the office, maybe the person you’re buying a gift for has a wish list in an online store, or recently spoke about what they would like.

Get Something They Want, Not Something They Need

Although it is great to gift practical presents to someone else, the magic of Christmas gifts is finding something new and emotional beneath the tree. And that’s what you should do for Secret Santa too.

A new kettle or a pair of socks is always a welcomed gift, but going out of your way and gifting something interesting your colleague hasn’t bought for themselves is a great way to surprise them.

Buy a Big Gift!

It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but big gifts cause big impressions. Moreover, buying several smaller gifts or a gift bundle doesn’t have the same impact. It’s best to buy a single present with equal value as all the smaller gifts.

Enjoy the Game

Secret Santa is a wonderful game with several variations filled with seasonal joy. Don’t stress over presents and relax, enjoy the season and this tradition to its full extent, as it is only once a year!

How to Buy Your Secret Santa Gift Without Anyone Else Finding Out What You Got

You don’t have to move from your office to buy Christmas gifts anymore. You can go online and shop anything you want for your Secret Santa without anyone knowing where you went.

If you’re looking for a great store in the UK with thousands of gift ideas, take a look at TheWorks, a fantastic place to find the perfect gift for your Secret Santa or anyone else in your family.

Buy A Perfect Gift for Your Secret Santa!

Now that you’re armed with this quick guide and you’re in a seasonal mood stop fretting over the details and buy your Secret Santa the perfect gift.

Remember that the most essential part about Secret Santa is participating and spreading the seasonal spirit with all your colleagues after a hard year of work.

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