7 Unique Jobs in Classic Professions

It’s the age-old question, “So, what do you want to do when you grow up?” We ask it to children, teens, young adults, and even some adults struggle with figuring out exactly what they want to do.

Finding your groove and place in the world comes from many different areas. You can take on internships, talk to people, rely on your zodiac sign, meditate about it, or simply throw a dart at a board.

With thousands of potential jobs out there, you might find yourself settling on some traditional fields. Even with those traditional fields, there are plenty of unique jobs lying within those more mainstream professions.

If you’re looking for a career change or just some inspiration, check out some of those jobs below.

Online Teacher-Education

When it comes to education, most people rely on the idea that one day they are going to work in a school, either public or private. Nowadays, more and more teachers are turning to the online world in order for jobs.

It can be a part-time job or full-time job, depending on your background and educational level. Many teachers turn to English as a Second Language teaching, reaching out to students all across the world through online platforms.

Online Reviewer-Marketing

People are always checking out reviews when it comes to choosing a restaurant or buying a product. Heck, you’ve probably even left a few reviews in your lifetime. But did you know that some people turn that into a job?

While the use of paid online reviews crosses a line for some, many companies know the importance of online reviews and testimonials for their products and SEO purposes. While this is highly unlikely to turn into a full-time job, it can still be good for passive income.

Broker-Real Estate

When thinking of real estate, you might think of agents or contractors who sell and work on houses, respectively. There are plenty of other professions that make up the real estate industry, with brokers being one of them. You’ll be meeting with plenty of people and working on contracts during your time.

You might think brokers simply stick to stocks and bonds, but they can play a vital role in real estate as well. Brokers can go out on their own or be part of a business, whatever best suits their current life goals and expectations.

Air Traffic Controller-Aviation

When you think of aviation, your mind immediately goes to pilots and flight attendants. At the airport, you might think of those who work in luggage and help direct planes. Next time, look out across the tarmac until you see the big tower. That’s the air traffic control tower.

ATCs are always in high demand and the job pays close to six figures without requiring a college degree. It does bring about a lot of stress and you don’t get to choose where you work, but it can still be a great career.


OK, you might be thinking that hackers are all illegal, right? They are the bad guys who try to steal your information or hold onto something via ransomware. How in the world can that be a real job?

Well, these hackers are called “ethical hackers” or “white hat hackers” and they work to ensure that the company’s online systems are safe from real hackers and intrusion. There’s no better way to test a security system than to have someone actually try to break in. As a quick note, you need to have an agreement with a company that you’re planning on doing this and not do it, ahem, whenever you want.

Home Aid-Health and Wellness

With an aging population and decline in the number of medical professionals, being a home aid is a unique job that’s on the rise. More and more families are employing home aids to live with elderly citizens, opting for personal care instead of taking them to a nursing home.

You could work with someone who has a disability, needs help getting around the home, or is just lonely. The job doesn’t require any higher levels of education, meaning it’s a job you could step into right away.

Art Therapist-Mental Health

Everyone has the image of the person lying face-up on a couch, talking about their feelings with a counselor or psychiatrist. What you may never have thought about are those who work with art in order to help express themselves.

Art therapy is still a slow-growing profession that you may see in certain mental health institutions or hospitals. Usually used with children and groups, it’s a way for people to relax, paint their feelings, and get the help they need. You will need plenty of education and training in order to qualify for this job.

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