Do You Have to Go to Court for a Traffic Ticket?

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Traffic violations such as driving right through a stop sign, lane drifting without signaling, or failing to stop at the red light can result in a citation. If you have received a traffic ticket, you may be wondering if you are required to go to court.

Do You Have to Go to Court for a Citation? 

Most traffic violations do not require a mandatory court appearance unless you want to contest the ticket. Several petty offenses like minor speeding or stop sign violation can be resolved by simply paying the fine and not going to court. However, it is essential to understand that you are legally admitting to the guilt of traffic violation when you pay a fine.

In cases where you do not require a court appearance, you can still achieve a better outcome if you actually go to court. In some rare cases, if the law enforcement officer does not appear at the hearing, you can be let go without any fines. Besides, if you want to reduce your citation’s impact, you can do so by contesting the ticket in court. In such cases, you could get the judge to reduce your fine, get your citation dismissed or get a flexible payment option. If you plan to go to court, it is recommended to hire a legal counsel such as a seasoned car accident attorney who can help you understand your legal options.

Consequences of Not Paying the Ticket

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No matter how minor the charges are, drivers should not ignore any traffic ticket. Any failure to pay the ticket or appear in court to fight the citation can have serious consequences. Based on the nature of your infractions, the transportation department can suspend your license, levy additional penalties or charge you with a misdemeanor in court. You could also face an arrest warrant for repeated violations. 

Tickets that Require a Court Appearance

In most US states, some moving violations do require you to go to court. However, some offenses require a mandatory court appearance. These include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding 25MPH or more above the designated speed limits
  • Hit and run cases
  • Driving while still under suspension
  • Being involved in a collision that resulted in fatalities or serious injuries

If you have been involved in any of the following misdemeanor and felony infractions, it is imperative to seek legal assistance. A good lawyer, like the ones at Ellis Injury Law, can help lessen the impact while protecting your legal rights.

How Can A Good Car Accident Attorney Help You?

Although citations are common when you are a driver, it is important to take your traffic ticket seriously. If you have received a traffic violation ticket, it is best to hire a reputed car accident lawyer. A good and trustworthy lawyer can provide excellent resources to beat the charges. Besides, if you have reasons to believe that you have been wrongfully accused and wish to dispute the ticket, an experienced attorney can help you prove your innocence and avoid legal and financial hardship.

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