Eight Reasons to Consider a Career Change to Nursing

When you think of caring professions, nursing is probably the first option that comes to mind. If you want to work in a job where you can make a huge difference in the world and to the individual lives of the people that you are working with, nursing could be the ideal option for you. Working as a nurse is a well-respected and highly fulfilling role. Aside from being one of the most emotionally rewarding and satisfying jobs in the world for people who want to make a real difference with the work that they do, there are several other benefits and reasons to consider getting into a career in nursing. 

High Demand:

The demand for nurses is currently higher than ever before with a severe nursing shortage around the US. Hundreds of thousands of new nursing positions are expected to become available in the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The need for good nurses is becoming more and more significant due to the aging population that is growing and in need of more good healthcare services than ever before. 

Career Options:

Once qualified as a nurse, there are plenty of fantastic career options to choose from. Nurses are needed in every aspect of healthcare from on hospital wards to in doctor’s offices, within the community, and within research centers and clinical trials to name a few. Whatever kind of patients you are interested in working with or the type of work that you want to contribute to, it’s easier than ever to find the career that you want within the nursing profession. 

Career Advancement:

Along with several different nursing career options to choose from that allow you to do the work that you love, nursing is a career with some of the most advancement options available for professionals. Whether you see yourself leading a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals as a nurse leader or executive at a hospital or other healthcare setting or want to run your own clinic and care for your patients with more responsibility and authority as a nurse practitioner, the options for climbing the career ladder are endless for nurses, with something for everybody. 

Find Work Anywhere:

As a qualified nurse, there is little reason to worry about finding work no matter where your life takes you. As long as you gain the relevant licensure for the state that you want to work in, you can find work as a nurse all over the country. In addition, nurses who enjoy traveling might want to consider working with an agency as a travel nurse, where you will be sent to different locations around the country where nurses are in high demand. Nurses who want to take their work overseas can often find many international work options either on a temporary or permanent basis. Nurses are classed as skilled workers in many countries and are typically welcomed. 

Online Nursing Degrees:

If you have already gained a bachelor’s degree in another subject and have realized that nursing is your career calling, it’s not too late to change to the career that you really want. As online nursing degrees grow in popularity and become more available and accessible, studying to become a nurse with a flexible program that you can fit around your current career and commitments is easier than ever. And if you already have a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than nursing, you can enrol on the online ABSN programs from Baylor University that are designed to help college graduates with another degree build on their current skills, knowledge and experience to get their BSN in around half the time that going down the traditional route would take. 

Further Study:

Today, study options are endless for nurses who are ambitious and want to learn more. Online degree programs are not only available for those who are looking to qualify as a registered nurse, but also to registered nurses who are looking to get an advanced degree such as an MSN, DNP or FNP qualification. Whether you want to get into nurse leadership or become a nurse practitioner, online degrees are designed with full-time registered nurses in mind, offering flexible options that can be fit around your shifts for a more seamless transition to an advanced nursing career. 

Employer Support:

Due to the nursing shortage, those who are already working in healthcare are often well-supported by their employers when studying to become a nurse. If you are working as a caregiver or in another area of healthcare and want to upgrade your career to nursing, it’s worth speaking to your employer who may have a program in place to encourage more healthcare professionals to get into nursing. Many employers are able to claim tax relief on tuition fees paid on behalf of their employees while others offer grants and scholarship options to employees who want to study for a nursing degree. 

Personal Satisfaction:

Last but not least, aside from the generous rates of pay, excellent career advancement options, choices of workplace and the chance to continue learning throughout your career, there’s no denying that nursing is a highly personally satisfying and fulfilling career. In this job, you will be spending your time helping your patients, supporting their families, and making a real difference with the work that you do. A friendly and caring nurse is often one of the first people that patients will see when they visit the hospital or clinic feeling worried, scared and in pain, and your empathy, compassion and support can help with their recovery and ensure that everyone in your care feels cared for. In addition, nursing careers are often some of the best for work satisfaction, including flexible hours, high job security, high respect, and, the chance to significantly impact healthcare by acting as an advocate for patients. 

If you are looking for a career change and want work that is highly rewarding, satisfying, and in demand, nursing could be the ideal option for you. As a nurse, you will not only enjoy a lot of career satisfaction with advancement opportunities but also the knowledge that the work you do makes a real difference. 

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