How to Spruce Up Your Home With Flowers

Redecorating your home is one of the things that you can do to keep things interesting this spring. According to Euro Flowers, apart from doing the necessary repairs and maintenance and changing furniture orientation, adding flowers and greenery in your abode can significantly spruce up your home. If you are unsure on how you can transform your space with flowers, here are some tips: 

Use Dried Flowers

One of the growing trends nowadays is the use of dried flowers. It gives your home a rustic vibe and a sophisticated look. However, decorating with dried flowers can be a bit tricky. You have to get the right combination and flower types to achieve that look. Otherwise, your home will look drab and dull. If you can source dried flowers dyed with different colors, the better. 

Get Creative with Vases

If you don’t want to spend money on vases, you can source different items in your home to create a captivating flower accent in your home. For example, you can repurpose your soup bowl as a vase to hold a lush bouquet of flowers. They are great for use in your dining table for a low type of vase. This way, your family can enjoy your meals without having your views blocked by your creation. For a more quirky vibe, you can also use an old pitcher to hold your flowers. Try to DIY and let your creativity shine. 

Choose the Proper Vase

Decorating with flowers means using the appropriate vase so that they wouldn’t look out of place. When you have tall stalks of flowers like roses or tulips, it would make sense to use a tall vase. This way, you can create depth into your arrangement. You should also factor in the overall aesthetics that you want to achieve. For example, you can use a cube vase to match with your hydrangeas. The bushy look of these flowers will create a beautiful contrast with the angular look of a cube vase. 

Cut Flower Heads

If you want to create a different vibe in your space, you can mix your flower arrangements a little by cutting the flower heads and placing them over a low vase with water. You can further customize it by adding tea light with them. They are perfect to decorate your bathrooms or powder rooms for the relaxing ambiance it brings. 

Mix it Up

Most homeowners would traditionally buy one type of flower and dump them to a vase. While this is okay, it can be further improved. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of texture to your flower arrangements by mixing and matching the flowers. You can try to go for roses with different colors or you can completely mix different kinds of blooms in one vase. For example, you can experiment by putting peonies together with dahlias and lilacs. 

Add Some Greenery

You’re not limited to flowers alone when creating your arrangements. Your bouquet would look more refreshing if you can infuse it with a bit of greenery. There are tons of green fillers that you can use, such as myrtle, leather leaf fern, tree fern, and honey bracelet, to name a few. 

Make a Flower Wreath

Your flower arrangements at home don’t have to always be placed in a vase. If you want to be a little creative, you can go make a flower wreath. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, you can use baby blue eucalyptus and mix it with the baby’s breath flower to make a stunningly elegant flower wreath. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your flower arrangements. Sprucing up your home should match your design aesthetics and preference, so you can go all out with your ideas. 

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