5 Things That ONLY Happen To An Old Soul

Being an old soul feels like you’ve already been wandering the planet for many years before this new life of yours came along.

Sometimes old souls have a hard time fitting into social norms; understanding popular opinions among their peers, having a hard time adjusting to people who are suppose to be the same age as you, but you feel like they are either far beneath or much higher than you.

Here are some things that old souls experience as they grow up into the actual age in their head:

1. Nature vs. Modern

People who are old souls prefer to be in nature compared to the modern world or the mainstream world. Nature offers much more insight to you, as well as feeling like you’re connected to every being, plant, and animal around you.

The solitude of the forest, the crashing waves of the ocean, or just spending time anywhere in nature, provides you a lot more comfort than the relentless city. Loud cars, loud people, or just anything that seems unnecessary seems to pop out at you as you walk along streets of downtown. Nature is your happy place and no one can tell you otherwise.

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2. Understanding the World

You know deep down that you are a small piece of something much bigger. You realize that there is a lot more going on in the world/universe; that anything you do seems to hardly matter in that moment in time.

However, since you know that temporary living is one of the most essential aspects of life, you try your best to make your friends, loved ones, and the variety of others on this planet, happy. Regardless being so small, this makes you extremely happy to know that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself.

3. Prefer Your Own Alone Time

Having your own space and time to think alone is a very crucial part of your person. This gives you time to recuperate, process the entire day you just went through, discover things that you didn’t notice before about yourself, as well as just needing the solitude to drown out all of the noises you’ve heard today.

Old souls prefer alone time simply because it gives them time to reflect on themselves and others. This is important as they feel out their emotions for the world around them, as well as coming to new realizations they’ve never had before.

4. Cannot Be Around People Your Age

Being an old soul means that you have a little bit better understanding of the world around you than your peers do. Sure, they are suppose to be the same age as you, but most of the time they lack the maturity necessary to really understand things on a critical level.

You find yourself having to explain things that usually fall on deaf ears, either not wanting to understand or simply just calling you boring for indulging in the first place. However, this does not get you down. Despite not getting along with people your age, you find others who see you for the person you really are.

5. Never Enough Knowledge

You are constantly willing to learn new and amazing things from the world you live in. Nothing is too big or too small for you to challenge. Everything has a price and you are willing to learn what it takes in order to meet great heights in your journey as a human being.

You can never get enough knowledge from others, any kind of mystery intrigues you. You want to know the endless details of what makes something amazing work. Materials were never your thing, just the power of intelligence is enough to make you want to do something new.

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