Raw Footage: The Exposed Video That The Egg Industry Do NOT Want YOU To See!

By checking the ‘raw footage‘ of the food industries it was enough to prove why I became egg intolerant.

Two years ago I was about to cook my morning omelette, and I did… but the severe pain I felt I my stomach after eating that was like nothing I can describe.

I went to the doctor, the results came. I become egg intolerant…

That means I cannot eat eggs. Maybe a slice of pie might not active my allergy, but I will have a hard time ‘boiling’ that thing in my stomach.

Finally, I had to dig a bit more about the food industry, but not as they show it on their ‘media’. I wanted to see raw footage.

After I found this video below (and many others in my previous research) it was clear as day. We are being poisoned every day, and only America eats over 200 million, and I bold that, million eggs every day!

I mean, you don’t have to be vegan to see that this is wrong!

If you choose to eat real eggs, try to buy them from ‘real’ farms.

If I can’t make up your mind, try this video…

This one will definitely change your mind:

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