Why Highly Intelligent Women Struggle For A Perfect Relationship?

If you are a woman who is a deep thinker, casuist, and a person who thinks deep, then life becomes difficult for a person like you.

The deeper your personality is, the harder it is to find someone who falls in love with you. No matter, how much you date, meet people, after a point of time you start feeling that things are not working out. You are only limited to dating and short term relationships because let us accept the fact that there are not enough strong men who can handle a deep woman. Here are a few reasons why:

She is Blunt: Her opinions are unbiased, she is blunt, her words can hurt like a knife with a sharp blade. She is always open to her opinions. She speaks her mind and doesn’t give much importance to the general opinion. Her answers often make people uncomfortable. In the world where everyone likes to hear things short and nice, her answers and her personality do not suit too well for those who like to live in a superficial world.

She Has Deeper Conversations: A deep woman asks questions and puts the man in a situation that he is not prepared for. Every time you two are together; she is the one digging deep into the questions about life and everything else which starts from first date itself. She is not someone who dwells in the upper layer; she is someone who resides in deep waters, and men don’t prefer exploring such depths.

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She Knows Exactly What She Wants: She is very open about her requirements, her needs and her desires. She is also very clear about who she wants as a life partner or a friend. If she likes you, she’ll tell you about it, if she doesn’t like you, she’ll let you know. She can’t feel butterflies in her stomach for everyone she meets. Casual dating is simply not her thing.

When She Gets Intimate, it’s in extremes: She is fearless when she is in love. She likes to cross all the lines and doesn’t care if she gets hurt in the process. She takes pride in being intimate, and she knows that it is not going to make her vulnerable. Men, often get scared when they come across someone who loves so fearlessly. For some reason, this becomes a hindrance in their successful relationship.

She is fearless and Profound: She is never afraid of speaking her mind or sharing her thoughts. Her profoundness often scares people. Her bluntness makes her intimidating and rough and often scares people around her. Her intensity is off the charts, and not everyone has the capacity to handle it. One needs sheer passion and strength to handle this kind of energy and most men around don’t think it is worth it.

She Wants a Deep Relation: If she is a thinker and philosopher, then she will prefer having a deep relationship. She prefers a man with whom she can share her deepest secrets of her mind and expects the same from the guy she is dating. For her, love means opening mentally more than physically. She wants you to tell stories from your past and learn more about your best-kept secrets and fears. Most men, on a contrary hate and fear dwelling in their past, it makes them insecure.

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She Easily Moves On: She doesn’t wait for anyone. Take your time deciding the future of your relationship and you’ll see that she has no patience dealing with it. She won’t wait; she’ll move on. She is strong and invulnerable, and she can be on her own even if she is looking for something special to happen.

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