6 Ways To End Your Emotional Slavery (Pay Attention To #4)

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your unguarded thoughts.” – Buddha

Today we are living in the era of non-physical slavery. We are soft on our thoughts and emotions, and that’s the biggest mistake. Don’t believe everything you think.

Pardon my example, but I’ve seen people cheat on their partners because they have an errection, and don’t bet an eye that they have child at home with a beautiful wife with whom they spend 15 years. They don’t stop for a moment to think through their life and current situation, but directly indulge in their emotions. Nobody sees the big picture anymore.

We are so SO easy on ourselves these days. Some has to be in charge of you. And you can guess which person is the best fit for that feast… yes, it’s you.

Subside your emotions, think through it. You are wise enough to know the (probable) consequence of your action. Don’t be your own slave. Rule your mind.

Don’t just react!

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and we don’t need that.

I found a perfect list of ways to end your emotional slavery written by Nicholas Stollings that will explain this thing in 6 pieces:

1. Think Before You Speak Or Act

This was something that I can remember my parents teaching me while I was young; I always said the first thing that came to mind. Although this can be an endearing quality in some cases, most of the time it got me in trouble. When someone says something to you that strikes an emotional response, hold off on responding until the emotional part of your brain calms down.

2. Take Responsibility

One of the problems that people have when it comes to controlling their emotions is that they aren’t ready to own them. You need to take responsibility for the things you do or say so that you control your emotions, they don’t control you. When you make a mistake by saying or doing something you shouldn’t have, own your actions and take responsibility for the consequences, good or bad.

3. Practice Emotional Detachment

Although you feel emotion all the time, they do not define you. This is an important idea to keep in your mind as you go throughout your daily life. Detaching yourself from your emotions will help you feel more in control about what you say or do. In essence, this simply means to acknowledge your emotions and then move on. Think of your emotions as passengers in a car; although they may be backseat driving, you’re the one controlling the wheel.

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4. Understand What You’re Feeling

Emotions need to be understood before you can really control them. Some people feel an emotion, and then they just let it out before stopping to question where it came from, why it was felt, or even what the appropriate response should be. The next time you feel a strong emotion, don’t try to ignore it or simply let it out, simply stop and try to understand it. Once you understand how you feel, you can start controlling your responses.

5. Give Yourself A Break

It’s much harder to control our emotions if we’re under a great deal of stress. Sometimes people need to take a break so that they can keep their emotions, and emotional responses, in check. Giving yourself time to rest and be alone will allow you to check in with who you really are. We grow as individuals through self-awareness and self-acceptance. Hang out with yourself and figure out what you’re all about.

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6. Know Your Triggers

For most people, there will be specific individuals or situations that tend to trigger more of an emotional response than others. This is normal, but you should be able to identify these triggers and avoid them if all possible. If you have to be around certain people or in situations that you know will be difficult emotionally, think of a strategy beforehand. Counting backwards from 100 or breathing deeply are proven to be effective.

Source used: Unisoul Theory
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