If You Experience Any Of These 11 Signs You Might Be An Angel In Training…

If you ever feel that life is not just for living day-to-day but holds a higher purpose, then you could be an Angel in training.

According to Kaya and Christiane Muller, we all are somehow connected with the world of angels and can learn to improve ourselves. In their book, The Book of Angels: Dreams, Signs, Meditation – the Hidden Secrets, they have tried to decode and explain how all of us are Angels in training.

This latent angelic quality in human beings could assist in connecting with the Divine “The All Powerful”.

If you experience any of these following sings, you might be an Angel in Training:

Sign 1:

You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and you find yourself to be different than others.

Sign 2:

You believe that there is a meaning in life other than just living. You are convinced of some higher purpose that your life must serve and also of others.

Sign 3:

You feel perturbed inside. Some days you feel good about everything and some days you feel exhausted and sad.

Sign 4:

You are baffled by the ignorance of your friends and family. While you question the meaning of your existence, they simply lead their lives without any qualms. You wonder if they are happier than you by living such a life.

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Sign 5:

There is a strong sense of fair play in your mind. You incline towards the ideas of justice and rightness. At times you are too intense, other times you are not.

Sign 6:

You feel confused in life. Either you blame yourself, or you end up blaming others for the faults in this world. You are not able to understand the tempest that is brewing in your mind.

Sign 7:

Your intuitive sense has become sharper than before. You are able to see things much more clearly.

Sign 8:

There is a sense of disillusionment in you. You are troubled by the things happening in the world and in your life. You no longer see the illusory charms of the world but the real, corrupt order that has pervaded everything. This makes it difficult for you to achieve any sense of fulfillment in your life.

Sign 9:

Since your intuitive abilities have strengthened, you tend to feel more than usual. You have become more sensitive to your needs and desires. You can sense other people’s intention towards you.

Sign 10:

You are seeing numbers like 111, 333, 555 etc. during the day or in the night. Read more about these numbers here…

Sign 11:

After witnessing everything in the inner and outer world, you have a desire to become a better person and to change the world. You want to help others, to uplift them from their depraved self just like you did with yourself. The change within you must work for the greater good of humanity!

If you see these signs in yourself or in anyone else, it means that the process of initiation has begun. You are getting ready to receive the vast knowledge of the universe, to meet the Almighty – to have a union with the Divine!

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