5 Things Will Happen Once You Become A Warrior Of Light (#3 Scares People To Death)

Light Warriors are beings born of this earth, (some say who volunteered before birth, others say who are born with the duty) to help Earth, its denizens, and its elements heal and recover from the effects of evil, fear, and destruction.

It is said everyone is born a Light Warrior, but as we grow up, with the materialistic focus of “real life” taking its hold, our divine and sacred purpose is slowly forgotten, and with it, the abilities to heal and change the world for the better.

When Light Warriors forget their true selves, but are on the brink of remembering, they feel lost, afraid, and without a sense of purpose, except for a distinctive pull to be a positive force…

These 5 things will happen once you become an awakened person and accept your warrior-of-light role in this world:

1. You will start noticing that you don’t fit in any type of group or school of thought

The feeling that no one can understand you is growing stronger. You feel as if you don’t belong in this world and you get the urge to go ‘home’. The things that you once tolerated, you can barely stand now.

Light Warriors are not interested in media or anything else that people accept as ‘normal’. Spirituality becomes a way of life and you don’t feel the need to follow any religion or philosophy.

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2. You see positivity all around you

Having an aura of positivity around you and noticing it yourself is a tell tale sign of being a light warrior. This aura illuminates everything around you with positive energy that helps inspire other people to better themselves and be a source of good for all.

Tapping into this aura can also help you use spirituality techniques to help others and provide comfort and relief. Noticing the good in other people and using it to help make positive changes in their lives is what a light warrior does regularly.

3. You just know things

You don’t need words anymore. As a light warrior you are experiencing deep emotions and need space and time to pray, contemplate and meditate. Overcrowded places can easily overwhelm you because you’re sensitive to other people’s energy and vibrations.

You sense others without obvious communication. Light warriors need isolation in order to charge their batteries, because receiving and filtering other people’s vibrations can be draining.

4. People always tell you about their problems

There is a fine thread of light that connects light warriors with other people. Their heart is wide open and people feel safe to confess their secrets, confide their problems and share personal experiences with them.

Light warriors are careful listeners who help others in time of difficulties by conveying the universal wisdom.

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5. Light Warriors are not afraid of death and dying

Death is nothing but a door that leads to another level of existence. Many of these people had close encounters with death, were extremely sick or they overcame many life obstacles.

Their Journey allows them to let go of the illusion that death is final. Light warriors accept that life is transcendental.

As a warrior of light your task is to keep your heart open, cultivate your conscious mind and help others ‘survive’ the transition we’re going through.

It’s not your job to change anybody: Just accept their choices and spreads the Divine Light. Your presence represents important improvement of the spiritual evolution. You’re not alone.

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