6 Negative Emotions You Stop Experiencing When You’re Spiritually Enlightened Person

Spirituality is a wide concept with many perspectives. It includes a sense of connection to something bigger than our physical selves, and it involves a search for meaning in life.

It is simply a universal human experience—something that encompasses all. We may describe it as as sacred or transcendent feeling or simply a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.

Embracing spirituality is good for our physical, mental and emotional health. Not only it increases the influx of positive emotions in our life, but it also helps in reducing the ill effects of negative emotions.

Listed below are the six emotions which you will experience lesser than before if you are a spiritually enlightened person.

1. Anger

As you are initiated towards the path of spirituality, you will realize that anger has no place over there. It will make you a calmer person. You will handle the difficult circumstances with a reasonable attitude. It’s not like you will never get angry in life, but anger will seldom be your first response.

2. Fear

As a spiritually open person you are better equipped to deal with the existential woes of daily life. The fear of the unknown will terrify you lesser than before. Even the fear of failure will bother you less because you will be able to accept your failure and move ahead with your life. In general, you will stop fearing the outside world and will open up to the endless possibilities that are waiting to happen to you.

3. Insecurity

You are more aware of yourself now, more connected with your spirit. The insecurities that society forces on you are no longer to be cared for. Now that you know yourself better than anyone else, you will not let people dictate to you what they want from you or how they think you should be. You are feeling more secure within and it will reflect on the outside.

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4. Jealousy

Jealousy comes to us naturally like all the other emotions. It is not bad if you feel a little envious of someone who is doing well in life or has attained some goal that you coveted. However, as a spiritually enlightened person you will tend to feel genuinely happy for that person. You will admire him/her for achieving their goal which in turn will motivate you to realize your own.

5. Hatred

There will be people who will not get along with you, or people who will put you down in front of others. But in a situation like this you shall not hate them. You can see their battle with the negative emotions which makes you empathize with them. So you will be more compassionate, tolerant in your approach, and you will show forgiveness to such people. You never know if they will also be spiritually awakened by your emphatic attitude.

6. Anxiety

Spiritually enlightened people suffer less anxiety, stress and depression than those who are not. You feel anxious only when you are not connected to the life you are living like your job, your friends or family and doing things you don’t like doing. When you are connected with yourself, you will be able to take charge of your life and make necessary changes thereby reducing negative emotions like anxiety.

The goal of spirituality is to make us more calm and centered in life which will increase positivity and happiness.

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