RARE Footage Of Chi Master – When He Heard This Video Was Public He Was VERY Upset! (VIDEO)

Defining The Chi

Chi (pronounced chee) is an ancient Chinese term symbolic of the life force that flows through all living things. The term can be used in both spiritual and general concepts. It goes by many names such as: ki, in Japan; prana, in India; and it has even been referred to as electromagnetic or bio energy in the west. All forms of Chinese medicine from acupuncture to herbs are based around this mysterious energy.

Chi flows through pathways called meridians. There are twelve major meridians in the human body. Each of them is associated with a particular organ system such as the lungs, the heart, kidneys, etc. In a healthy specimen the chi flows evenly, making the body vibrant and strong. If the chi is weak or “blocked”, you may feel tired, achy, and even emotionally distraught.

Commonly used and practiced in martial arts

In martial arts, physical postures are known to affect circulation and subsequently chi has been equated to good posture itself. All these conceptions must be seen as incomplete, if not plain wrong.

Chi Kung

Chi Kung consists of a series of exercises which produces results which can be easily reproduced. It is difficult to explain the concept of Chi kung through other medical models. It is a practice rather than a mere theory or belief. Chi Kung is scientifically quantifiable and not subject to occult or religious affiliation. The advantages of performing Chi kung are numerous, including the idea that the practice improves participants health. However, Chi kung can be disastrous if gone wrong. It could result in injuries.

Here is a way you could practice a very safe and simple exercise:

1) Relaxing: Upon performing this exercise for the first time, it is important to perform it in a serene and peaceful environment with minimal distraction.

2) Posture is the key: Try to position your body in the martial arts horse stance. Remaining in this stance may enhance your results in the next few steps of the exercise. However, this step is not mandatory and you may skip it.

3) Move your palms towards and away from each other, as if gently squeezing a small beach ball. Repeat this simple exercise and feel the energy that flows through your body.

The following video shows you the amazing power of Chi. Meet the master of energy.

This is an incredible story about a man who has mastered the art of harnessing and using energy.

Watch Now: Qi Gong Master Demonstrates “Chi” In RARE Footage – The Shocking Power We All Possess [Video]

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