If You Experience These 10 Sings Of Awakening You Are Waking Up From The Other 99%

Awakening of an individual is a serious process as it holds within itself the power to transform his/her life. It can be listed as waking up from the other 99% of the population. It cannot be categorically listed as stages, but there are a few simple markers of the process that will help you to understand it better and come to peace with it.

Here are the signs that you will likely experience if you are starting to wake up:

Stage 1

Awakening begins when you desire to take control of your life. If you are unhappy and frustrated with your life and the people around you, you should take charge of your surroundings.  Simply, the idea of making a change can initiate the process of awakening in an individual.

Stage 2

The new found path is not easy to tread. You will be confronted with challenges and questions. The sudden euphoria that comes with freedom can be overwhelming.

Stage 3

Fear is natural when one decides to lurk in the unknown. At this stage you will have to decide whether you should move ahead with the awakening, or keep your eyes closed like before. The world around you will collapse but only to transform into something better. Do not return to your slumber; take charge with courage and determination.

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Stage 4

Now that things have fallen apart, you can see the depravity of the world around you – like poverty, corruption, greed etc. It will make you feel depressed and anxious about life which will further push you towards isolation. The desire to be alone will reign high in your mind and you will question your own existence.

Stage 5

This is the time when you’ll start looking within yourself to understand the reality of the external world. Your perception will begin to change and a greater desire to be connected with the world will slowly sink in.

Stage 6

As your consciousness expands, you will feel much more integrated with the world like nature, animals, and the universe in general.

You start to realize your own intuition; you understand your thoughts and emotion better than before.

Stage 7

A shift in sensibility will lead to a shift from the material world to a more spiritual world. You will begin to understand your purpose in the universe and will accept the power of your true self which was concealed till now.

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Stage 8

Your world is now occupied with ideas, inspiration and creativity. This abundance will not go unnoticed by the people around you and you will transform their lives as well. The obstacles and challenges that life throws at you will be dealt with much more positivity and energy.

Stage 9

The path of awakening will make you realize the presence of the Divine. You will be working with the force; not against it. Such collusion will stimulate your spiritual energy while giving you a feeling of being guided in life.

Stage 10

The last stage is where you feel and express unconditional love. The process of awakening gives you strength to live your life with more peace, happiness and security. It makes you realize the temporary nature of life itself and how you can make much more of it than just merely existing.

There could be more stages or more experiences related to awakening but these are the few common ones that most people identify with.

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