This Is Why The Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You

If you are trying to manifest a goal or desire, this could be the reason you haven’t seen any movement. Is this your biggest manifesting mistake?

Have you noticed how you can diligently work on something for months and months, seeing no results – and then you suddenly see results after you’ve gotten really angry with Source, or have given up and felt the pain of surrender and loss?

If all the manifestation teachings about gratitude and thankfulness are right, and you have to be a in a good space to allow things to come to you, why is that stuff often breaks through in the human experience once it’s gotten – and you feel – really bad?

And how does this become your biggest manifesting mistake?

Ask. Allow. Receive.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. – Matthew 7: 7-8

According to A Course in Miracles, anything that you truly desire – with your whole being – you will experience. According to the Bible, if you ask it will be given to you. Every door will be opened to you.

So if you’re manifesting an experience and you haven’t created it, then do you truly desire it – and do you feel that desire inside you?

Have you truly asked on the emotional level?

Desire, need & want

When you truly desire something, you launch the energy for it to be created – but you have to really FEEL that you want it.

You have to feel this desire burning inside the pit inside of stomach so that your desire becomes strong enough to draw the experience into your reality.

You know, and have experienced, this process from another angle when you’ve had a thwarted desire. There is an internal part of you that just knows that desiring something strongly enough will draw it into your reality, and you feel cheated when you don’t obtain something that you desire.

The problem with truly feeling the burning desire for most people though, is that it takes mental focus and feeling your feelings.

The problem with feeling your feelings is that often you have to go through layers of anger and then pain first – both emotions that pop psychology and society tells us it is bad to express. And both are layers of emotions that we’re generally afraid to experience by default anyway.

Emotional balance

We’re so used to numbing ourselves nowadays – food, devices, games, gambling, coffee, sugar, television, medication, drugs, alcohol, cannabis… anything that keeps us from having to feel or focus on the emotions that are so desperately vying for our attention, at every opportunity they get.

In addition, feeling your emotions – especially in a way that makes anyone else uncomfortable – makes you weak, spineless, moody, depressive, suicidal, a problem, a troublemaker, bipolar or more.

We’ve confused emotional balance with lack of emotional response.

For society to function in its present state, it is reliant on us being separated, staying quiet and playing by the rules. There’s no time for anyone’s individual emotions in a structure like that: it just takes up too much time and is too messy to focus on, care for, celebrate, uplift, acknowledge or share with individual human beings.

It also means that people have to stop and pay attention to you, which takes the focus off them.

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Emotions exist for two reasons

Firstly emotions exist so that you can experience life.

You know this because you’ve been in a situation before where people around you are happy and you feel terrible. Ergo emotion and experience happens inside of you, and emotion is the mechanism through which you experience events, i.e. if you feel bad inside, you’ll have a bad experience. This is also why two people can experience a situation completely differently.

The second reason emotion exists is so that you have a mechanism with which you can navigate and release the emotional pressure that builds up inside you. You’ve experienced this firsthand when you couldn’t stop laughing or crying in a situation, no matter how hard you tried.

Together with that experience of laughing or crying came relief that you could express the emotion – you just naturally experienced relief at letting it out. Previously you’d experienced discomfort while trying to suppress it.

This tells us two key things:

  1. When you express the emotions bubbling up inside you, you feel relief.
  2. When you suppress emotions of any sort, on any level, you will feel discomfort in your body and life.

So it’s fair to assume that a percentage of any discomfort you are feeling in your life and body right now is directly related to the unexpressed emotions you have inside you.

Ergo simply releasing those blocked emotions by crying, shouting, laughing or just saying what is on your mind, can cause you to experience an immediate relief of some of the discomfort and ‘problems’ you are experiencing in your body or life.

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Feel your desire

Don’t push the emotional desire away when it arises: feel the frustration, feel yourself reaching for it, needing it, wanting it.

Don’t push it away because it hurts too much to feel your need – your need is what will finally launch the real bolt of desire that will draw that experience into your reality, because that bolt of desire is the emotional intensity you put into it – not a few little affirmations and words.

Originally written by Chemory Gunko and published on Spirit Science
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