Psychopaths Will Use These 4 Phrases To Make You Feel Crazy!

“Fact: A psychopath is born every 47 seconds.”Kent A. Kiehl, The Psychopath Whisperer: The Science of Those Without Conscience

You might have come across psychopaths in your life in the form of friends, colleagues or maybe someone in your family. Not all of them are crazy chain sawing, psycho killer type, but most of them do get under your nerves.

Anyone could be a psychopath and there is no certain maark that distinguishes them from the common crowd. However, there are certain qualities which can make you easily identify them so that you can protect yourself from their wily mind games.

Listed below are the most common phrases that you might have heard from a psychopath:

1. “You are a good observer”

Psychopaths tend to be dismissive about other’s suspicions about them. They care little about people’s feelings and emotions and will not spare a chance to negate them. By doing so, they usually try to maintain their power over people. They will blame you for being too perceptive or seeing things that are not really there. Pushing people to the edge is one of their favorite things, and then they will accuse you of overreacting. Do not let them undermine your intuition because that is what they want.

2. “I don’t like drama”

Another lie is when they proclaim themselves to hate drama. On the contrary, they love drama more than anything. Their lives revolve around drama and they are constantly seeking it out. By voicing their dislike for drama, they try to provoke you and get you all fired up so that they can dismiss you and gain power over you. A psychopath is the actor, director and producer of his or her soap opera. He will maintain complete control over everything and everyone including you.

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3. “You are really very sensitive”

Since they don’t care about other’s emotions, they make sure that you also doubt your own emotions. They will label you as “too sensitive” or “too emotional” when you are only expressing yourself. They will make you question your life choices and will make you feel guilty or sad about them. Psychopaths love pushing around people and there is extreme harshness in their conduct on others.

4. “I think you misunderstood me”

This is the smoothest argument that psychopaths employ most of the time. They will question your sanity, judgment and ability to perceive things. This is commonly known as gaslighting. Gaslighting is a technique to psychologically manipulate someone into doubting their own sanity. Psychopaths love using it on people in order to safeguard their own true identity and prove others mad if they ever try to get too close. Don’t fall for the trap. Believe in your judgment and understanding.

Once you start holding on to your opinions, understanding, intuition and feelings, psychopaths may find themselves in a precarious position. They will abuse you or will start bad mouthing you behind your back to turn people against you. They will even try to provoke you by saying negative things in order to extract a response which will portray you in a bad light.

In a psychopath’s world, the others are crazy while he or she is the sane one. This is how they maintain control of their world and justify their actions. According to Pawan Mishra, “Psychos are in uniform circulation in society” and one should always keep an eye open for such people.

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