5 Sure Signs That Show You Are an Earth Angel (And Must Appreciate Yourself at All Cost)

Diversity is found all over the planet and among all species. But none are as diverse as human beings when it comes to their behavior, beliefs, and actions. There are both, positives and negatives about this aspect, but for now we’ll focus on the brighter side.

Behavior, beliefs and actions, when done with a positive intent and pure heart are the basic pillars of a good human being.

“Earth angels” as a term specifies the people who excel in this particular area. Love and compassion are their driving forces in life. They possess empathy that heightens their selflessness when it comes to helping others. And not just human beings, they also connect this well with nature and animals. With their care, they try to restore harmony and balance in nature as well among their fellow human beings. They have more in common with nature than with urban industrial scenarios. The current status of humanity, which is dismal to say the least, pains them and makes them wish for a peaceful environment with protection for our sacred nature.

Here are 5 signs that will help you find out if you/or someone you know is an earth angel:

1. Caring for others

Care stems from empathy, a trait which helps you understand someone else’s position from their point of view. An earth angel will care selflessly for others and would always be ready to help. They love to spend time with themselves but sometimes their nature might prove to be a problem here. Giving all their time to care and help others leaves them with very little me-time.

2. Need time for self

Although their care and behavior rarely gets them away from people, earth angels require time for themselves too. Being helpful and emphatic takes both mental and physical toll, thus they need to recharge their spirit by spending time alone, preferably in nature. This helps them reflect and relax enough to replenish themselves with the same vigor as before.

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3. Have powerful intuitions

Intuitions are an inbuilt thought mechanism that has existed within living beings since forever. It helps protect us from unknown dangers and perceive more than what’s apparent in situations. This quality is very sharp in earth angels. Their intuition is stronger than their normal logical thoughts. Their emotions are the guiding factors for most of their actions and they get enriched and aware by letting all forms of art affect it. They never close their mind to any idea.

4. No admiration for modern society

Unlike any other person, an earth angel rejects modern society and its traps. They rue the loss as humanity sinks deeper into the greed for money and forgets its roots. For earth angels, love and compassion matters far more than the mindless rat race.

5. Feeling like they have a purpose

Their intuitions and plethora of emotions makes them feel called for a purpose in life. No matter the course, it always involves helping and healing others. For them being useful to their fellow beings is more important than any riches or materialistic successes. Their bent towards empathy and care makes the nursing and counseling sector an attractive area for their career choices.

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