5 Ways To Visualize And Create The Life Of Your Dreams

If you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction, you already know that it is important to visualize your dreams in order to draw them closer to you. This is true, but there is a risk involved if you visualize your dreams improperly. Understand that improper visualization could have the opposite effect. It could actually make it harder for you to achieve your goals. Not only that, it might even alienate you from your own inner self.

Following these steps will help you use the Law of Attraction with success:

1. Visualize Exactly What You Want

It pays to be specific. When you visualize something you must be exact about what you’re going after. The Universe will conspire to bring you your perfect object or thing when you strive for it purposefully. Here’s an example:

This writer has always been a fan of motorbikes and I’ve always wanted to own one. In this situation the best thing to do is to visualize exactly what sort of motorcycle you want. What’s the make of the bike? What color is it? Which company manufactures that specific model? When you have these details on your drawing board you can accurately visualize what it is that you want. We’ve all had those near misses where we’ve almost got what we wanted, but it turned out just a little bit wrong. No one likes that.

And all of a sudden, you will see that bike EVERYWHERE. You can read more about the ‘reticular’ cortex HERE.

2. Focus On the Positives

It is essential that during the process of visualization you focus on the thing you actually want. Managing your thoughts becomes very important.

For instance, if you want a job manage your thoughts to focus on the positives that you would want in your work environment. Negatives don’t really work, or worse, they become reality!

So if you want a flexible, chilled-out executive, focus on that thought. If you start thinking “I don’t want a lot of meetings” or “I don’t want a boss who’s a control freak”, chances are you’ll get a job with those exact things.

Bottom-line is, don’t think about the things you don’t want. Firm up on the positives; what it is you really want and visualize that reality.

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3. Allow the Universe to Conspire

The Universe is a vastly complicated thing to comprehend. That’s still an understatement. There are an infinite number of ways that the Universe could serve up what you wanted. Maybe you won a TV you were pining for in a raffle contest your friend signed you up without telling you? The point is to let life surprise you. Let the Universe do its thing and have a little faith.

If you have visualized something and your desire for it burns, one way or another it will happen!

4. Dive Into Your Vision Fully

Once you have imagined and figured out exactly what it is you want, it is important you immerse yourself in that vision. Fantasize that you already have whatever it’s that you were looking for. The point here is to begin imagining you already have it. New cellphone you want? Go down to the store and play around with that phone model. Is it a vacation abroad? Search photos of your destination online and imagine yourself already there. The point is to visualize the feelings of having achieved what you are already after.

5. Let It Go

This is easily the most difficult step. Once you’ve immersed yourself in your visualization you have to let it go. Let the vision leave your mind. Once you have done your part by going through the process of visualization, sit back and let the Universe take over (of course, with your help on the way). Sticking with your visualization is not healthy. There’s even a word for it; it’s called obsession. There is a paradox at play here.

I would highly suggest you to read this book. It has it all explained very well.

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