You Must Watch Out for These 6 Different Kinds of Narcissists (Especially #6)

Narcissists are people who are always full of themselves. They never even dare to look beyond themselves. And the major part in their role is that they end up hurting people around them.

Narcissists always want to be the thunder. They want constant attention. They dump the burden of their insecurities on others. Narcissists are oppressive and make others miserable in a number of ways.

The term narcissist is rooted in Greek mythology. It comes from the story of Narcissus. Narcissus was a fellow who fell in love with his own reflection. Eventually, this self-obsession led to his demise.

Freud has often theorized about this idea of narcissism and self-absorption. He had claimed that such people are far from the real world and often lead to their own doom.

These days it is not very hard task to find narcissists around us. Social media is the best source to find such people who are self-obsessed and self-absorbed. Their way of interaction is centered on themselves.

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Here are six different types of narcissists:

1. The Victim: This type is hard to identify. They are king of manipulators. They use their affection to fuel their narcissism. They present themselves as the underdog. They always have a sob story ready. They narrate it through and through, effectively. They have great skills of oration and they have perfected their act of victimhood. They never take responsibility for their misfortune or misdeeds. Most of the times, they conveniently place the blame elsewhere.

2. The Puppet Master: They are extremely controlling and domineering. They lose temper at the drop of a hat. In an attempt to control every situation, they have learnt to twist their sentences and meanings and they know how to make others guilty. Using this guilt, they make others act accordingly to their whims and fancies. They are skilled in identifying one’s weak spots. Once they find those, they do not shy hammering the same. They can easily set people against each other since they do not value relationships.

3. The Winner: They tend to always place themselves above everyone else. They feed their self-image through their superiority complex. This behavior is not confined to sports or academics, but almost everything in life. Even important relationships are competition to them. Their competitive streak is their deal breaker but feeds their narcissism.

4. The Know-it-all: These narcissists believe that they are the most intelligent and most informed people in the world. For them, their opinions are facts. You will find these people trying to “prove” something all the time. They do not have middle grounds for a discussion- they HAVE TO win the argument. They are poor listeners and often too preachy. They have great willingness to provide unsolicited advice to everyone and anyone.

5. The Antagonist: Such a narcissist will always have an enemy. They will scream on people during traffic and berate the less privileged. They are always right, according to themselves. They can hardly sustain healthy relationships.

6. The Status-absorbed: This type is the one we are most familiar with. Especially in a world that has started giving the utmost importance to online presence, these narcissists define their self-worth with external validation. Their pool of inner resources is filled by praises and rewards from others.

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