9 Secrets to Keeping Him Starry-Eyed for You… And Only You

Romantic relationships need a lot of work to stand the test of time. Think of them like your own private garden. You need to give a significant amount of effort in maintaining and caring for your flower bushes and that effort can only come if you’re determined enough. Relationships require both partners to commit time. Most of humanity still seems to struggle with this concept. It’s no accident that we come across so many people who regret the actions they took in their romantic lives.

For women, this can get especially hard because often times the way society functions, makes them unaware of how to truly communicate and bond with men.

To help with this we’ve got 9 tips for you to make you understand certain innate aspects of your man.

1. Not Everyone Expresses The Same Way

More than just your partner, each individual is different when it comes to expressing affection. This is especially true if you’re partner is a male. The gender does create certain differences in the way they perceive the world. They have been brought up to express themselves in a certain way. They may not be as open as you but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. Understand the language of his love and realize that people show and experience love differently.

2. Don’t Chase Him

Men are natural hunters, and they prefer to pursue, even after they have you. Think of a dog running after a car. Chasing him is a sign of a lack of confidence, which is an automatic turnoff, or at any rate scares the crap out of him. Have you ever seen what happens when you turn your car around and start chasing the dog that was running after you?

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3. Initiate Cuddling

Men are taught never to communicate. They need to feel wanted and cuddled too. You need to keep the knowledge of this baggage of ‘manliness’ in mind. Initiate intimacy with him. You’re unambiguously communicating that you want him and that really boosts his sense of self.

4. Be Willing To Get Crazy In Bed

Men love to push the boundaries when it comes to the bedroom. They’re always looking for experiments. They take your willingness to experiment with him to mean that you care about his fulfillment. Also, keep in mind that when men say push the boundaries they mean your boundaries. Which is why remind him it’s a two-way street and that penetration can work both ways with the right tools. His seeing that side of you will really make him fall in love.

5. Learn to Listen

Women are great communicators which is why they know how to get their point across, especially when it comes to dealing with emotions. Men are stunted when it comes to communicating their feelings. Be prepared to give him his space to express himself and be prepared that he might communicate indirectly. Think of how your dog pees in your slipper when he’s angry with you. Take a break from talking, just listen and observe.

6. Jealousy is a Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy is a hostile and draining experience for men. We understand that women like seeing their men getting possessive from time to time, but that’s not how guys see it. Leave the green-eyed monster behind.

7. Give Him His Space

This is good advice for any relationship. Getting clingy and dependent doesn’t help either of you. There are times when you need to leave him alone to himself and vice versa.

8. Get A Life

While you’re giving your man space, be sure to do something productive yourself. Build up your own confidence to engage better in your relationship. There’s nothing that impresses a man as a confident woman.

9. Spare the Negativity

Men occupy a world where they are constantly reminded of their shortcomings. You need to realize that the criticism has to be constructive and it is essential to be positive about the things he does right. You can be your man’s source of support and his refuge from the world. Think about it, why else do you think sports teams have cheerleaders?

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