The #1 “Dirty” Secret That All Men Are Keeping From You

Often you might have discussed with your girlfriends what a man wants in a woman or what a man desires the most when it comes to relationships. Some say external beauty; others would give precedence to intellect. We all have encountered this mystery and now is the time to look into the most important thing that men want from a woman.

Women are considered to be more complex and multilayered than men, while men are comparatively simple and easy to understand.

The dirty secret that men have kept hidden is that they want a woman who understands them well. A woman who can communicate with them effectively at the highest level is what they desire in their partner.

A man seeks affirmation from his partner that a woman can give this affirmation verbally to his actions, and by connecting to who he really is. She reminds him of his own identity, and it boosts his self-confidence.

Effective communication is the key to every healthy long-term relationship. Always remember that looks and beauty will fade with age despite the emphasis laid on the value of beauty by the society.

Bree Maresca-Kramer, a relationship expert, says that men give importance to clear and open communication from a woman while determining the potential for a long-term relationship. Since men are not considered to be good at communication, they would like their woman to be precise and clear about what she wants. Confused and vague answers from a woman would not only frustrate a man but can also put an end to the relationship.

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As a general rule, remember to say what you mean and mean what you say.

The guessing game is what men dislike the most. He doesn’t want to guess your mood, your desires, or what you want to have for dinner. Save this game for your girlfriends. He wants a concise, clear-cut message from you to which he will respond promptly. A man’s desire for effective communication is not indicative of any sort of intellectual challenge. It is just that he is wired differently from a woman and desires certain kind of communication.

Don’t be snobbish when you’re communicating because a snobbish tone would mean that you are being disrespectful to your man. If you do so, then you will not be able to achieve the desired effects.

Women are more intuitive than men and can read situations and decipher meanings better than them. However, men do not want to do such thing. They do not want to decode the meaning behind a particular word, look and tone. They do not care about implicit conversations; they want things to be said out loud.

If he loves you then he would like to make you happy and if he isn’t able to do so, then it is most probably a failure in communication rather than lack of interest or effort. If he knows what is expected from him then he will probably deliver it without any mess.

For a long-term relationship, focus on communication. It is not an advice for women only, but for men also who shut their feelings in a closet. Both of you should open up and let the other person know of your desires and wants. Practice it every day and try to avoid arguments because that it just the opposite of effective communication.

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