Are You In The Starseed Trap? If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You’re In A False Ascension Matrix

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You might be aware that the 5th and the 7th levels of consciousness have been hijacked and there exists a False Ascension Matrix at level 5D. However, you might not know that there is another, even stronger false reality matrix at the very next level. But it is true: such a matrix exists, and it has been placed there for trapping the spiritual being on its journey of ascension to a higher dimension, and using that energy to nourish the dark agenda.

This idea seems ludicrous when you first hear it, and people often dismiss it for the exact reason. It is impossible to tell whether you’re inside the matrix because from the inside, it seems very real.

How does one get trapped?

How do people end up being trapped within the False Ascension Matrix? It happens when we are unknowingly “tagged” or “implanted” as a part of the dark forces’ agenda. These tags manipulate our mind, urge us to join hijacked groups, and then prevent us from leaving. Such groups encourage a herd mentality, and prevent us from thinking for ourselves and make us follow a leader.

As a healer, I have come across many individuals implanted with these tags, both in their body and their energy field, a lot of which I would call alien to what God intended the human being to be. Tagging is just one of the many ways of manipulation that exist on earth. It often gets ignored because it can be uncomfortable to admit that one has been implanted. Let us look at how tagging works, and how you can tell if you’ve been tagged.

You could’ve been tagged either by extraterrestrials (ET), or by other human beings on the behalf of ET groups.

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Tags exist for one sole purpose: to impede us in our journey towards ascension and siphon off our energy so that it can be harvested by dark forces. They also keep us in a subversive state, preventing us from awakening and acting according to our free will. Tags are also used for mind control, to keep us enslaved to the belief systems and to keep us addicted to negative behavior.

The people tagged are often tagged deliberately. Symptoms that somebody has been tagged include: disruptions in their daily life that make living uncomfortable and make them feel like they’re “not of this world”. This leads to fear, depression and even paranoia, which prevents them from achieving their goals.

Human-ET hybrids can also be tagged and used to control and manipulate large groups of people. Such hybrids often appear in public as charismatic personalities that naturally attract people to them. Examples include: charismatic leaders, talk show hosts, YouTube celebrities and faith healers. They might appear at spiritual conventions and festivals, where they can gain followers. Such followers get tagged themselves, which results to them toeing the line and not questioning what the leader preaches. If a follower does question, they are simply told that they haven’t progressed enough to understand what is being taught. Shaming and subtle victimization is used to keep followers in check. This is part of a larger agenda, that I call the Starseed Matrix or the Starseed Trap.

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This matrix exists at a higher level than the False Ascension Matrix, and is designed specially to target Starseeds – individuals who carry memories from their lifetimes spent on other planets and universes. Starseeds are sent to the earth on a special mission: to assist others to awaken, and to pick up pieces of earth’s hidden history and to uncover the truth, free of distortions and manipulations.

Starseeds generally know they are one: they might feel disconnected from the world and the people around them – like they aren’t meant to be here. Unknown to themselves, they are connected to a Unity consciousness, and over time they usually begin to awaken. After being awakened, they develop an aura of their own and have the capability to awaken others simply by their presence.

However, it isn’t usually that easy. The Dark Agenda knows of the Starseeds, and does everything it can to stop them.

The Dark Agenda knows it can’t stop Starseeds at the 4D, 5D or 6D levels of consciousness – since they come already awakened at those levels. Thus, it targets 7D, 8D or 9D levels, using the Starseed Matrix described above. Starseeds can be tagged or implanted at birth. Once this is done, the Starseed becomes much more vulnerable to outside interference, and may completely change their belief system. Once inside the group, they begin to believe that everything they are told outside is a lie and they must ignore it. Upon entering a group like this, Starseeds unknowingly enter an Agreement of Entrapment, overseen by Artificial Intelligence. Once inside this group/cult, their consciousness becomes a part of the collective consciousness of the group, and loses its individual identity. The ET group leader may then download his own consciousness into this, turning all members into worker bees producing energy for the Dark Agenda to feed on. This is called karmic superimposition.

Onside this arrangement, the Starseed has no knowledge of the fact their energy is being harvested, and slowly become unable to connect to the God source directly. The Starseed’s natural impulse to heal others also leads them to waste much of their time outside their own consciousness, which distracts them from their own mission. This is exactly what the Starseed matrix was designed to do. They keep slogging, which is disguised as helping others, so they do not know that all they are doing is merely delaying their own ascension even further.

The Starseed trap often contains the Dark Mother, narcissism, victimization, Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism disguised as reversal programs. Many women in such groups are operating as Dark Mothers themselves. They use victimization strategies and guilt trip cult members into supporting the cult leader whole-heartedly, leading up more avenues of karmic superimposition and siphoning of energies.

It is extremely difficult to awaken someone who is trapped inside the Starseed trap. It is almost impossible to see the trap from inside, so any attempts at awaken the entrapped usually go useless since such people have no clue what they are dealing with.

All is, however, not lost. It is possible to escape from the Starseed trap, if we start listening to our inner voice and establish a direct link to the God self, who shall reveal to us how we have been tricked. When we connect to the God self directly, with no intermediaries, the tags and implants fall away and we see reality clearly. Once we stop attending these groups, the effect of the ET hybrids posing as leaders diminishes, and our true self begins to develop.

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What can we do if we suspect we have been tagged or are stuck in the Starseed trap?

It is possible to counter a Starseed trap if you become aware of it. The power to do so rests within us. It is up to us to realize this power and put it to good use. That, however, is easier said than done. Many of these groups used AI technology that makes it difficult for the entrapped Starseeds to see through the matrix. Some Starseeds might not even be strong enough to break the implant by themselves. In such cases, it is advised to work with another Starseed who is strong enough and has managed to free himself from the Starseed matrix. However, exercise care when selecting a guide: some of them might be ETs in disguise. A large following is no guarantee of genuineness. Choose wisely.

Signs you might be tagged/implanted:

  • You feel you have been acting in a way that is not your normal behavior
  • You say or do things you didn’t mean
  • You feel you are superior to others because of what you believe
  • You feel victimized, like you’ve been wronged in some way
  • You aggressively defend your Starseed story and your cult from questioning

Such behavior is a strong indicator of outside influence. If you exhibit more than one of these, you might have been tagged. Once you realize the existence of the tags and work towards coming into contact with your God self that the tags start to drop off.

Just like the False Ascension Matric, it is possible to override the Starseed Trap. Once the Matrix is defeated, the next level of ascension: the 10D, 11D and 12D levels open up and we can ascend to what is called Christ Consciousness. Challenges do not stop here, but it is possible to defeat all challenges and ultimately reach the one true God self.

This article originally appeared on Becoming Conscious and was originally written by Karen Turpin

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Image art: Pandora Desdemona

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