The Final Wave of Souls is Here And It’s Going to Change Everything

Since time immemorial right down to the spiritual science fiction novels of Arthur C. Clarke, mankind has been pondering the great question of the nature of consciousness. From the theories of psychologists such as Erich Fromm, we know that an archetypal and primordial collective consciousness is present within humankind.

This article will explore how that consciousness might develop further in the course of the Third Millennium. What we mean by that is that the ultimate consciousness of the ‘Singularity’ is at hand. It will be a time of true soul communion and the long awaited reincarnation of the ‘Virgin Souls’ is the sign that the hour is nigh.

Even old philosophers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson had seen this coming. His ideal of Transcendentalism had imagined an ‘Over-Soul’ or ‘Over-Mind’. Spiritual Union with Great Absolute is what humanity will achieve through our preordained species’ destiny. This does not mean that the road ahead is not without its fair share of traps.

In fact, most Souls incarnating today are Third Wavers or their forerunners, to help accommodate for the next step in the evolution and expansion of the human consciousness.

The First few forerunners started to arrive roughly 100 years ago as scouts to make preparations for the Third Wave. Their talents were many and varied and appropriate for the task.

From about 1940 onward, these Souls with their special talents became known as the Indigo Children and began to arrive in larger numbers. Does that ring a bell? Think about it, the fact that these special forerunner souls had the grit, guts and gumption to change the world is fairly evident.

Take a look around you and see the amazing journey that we have charted over the course of merely 100 years; which is less than a blink on the cosmic time scale. The Indigos came to prepare for the arrival of the Third Wave of Virgin Souls who had never been to earth before. All Indigos have only little Karma from previous lives to deal with and they have guts and many talents.

This paved the way for the arrival of the long awaited Star-Seed Children or the Rainbow Generation. By the 1990s they made their first appearance and the human spiritual evolutionary cycle moved into high gear.

The Third Wave has no karmic burden or accountability to the earth dimensions or other earthlings, whatsoever — they are all Virgin Souls.

They are angels incarnated, just like both the first and second wave where when they first arrived.

However, they are all born with a built-in moral compass, because the “veil” of Forgetfulness that other Souls have, is “torn in twain”. Ancient Oriental myths and philosophies also talk about the importance of the collective memory for the spirit. The ancient Sanskrit scriptures confirm this by talking about the concept of ‘smriti’ (which literally means memory), and how it can break the cycle of rebirths to create Moksha. Similarly the veil of ‘Forgetfulness’ allows them to view the Earth as dispassionate.

These gifts are usually revealed as they grow older. Their enthusiasm is demonstrated in their creativity.

The Rainbow children are to be the builders of the New World, using Divine will. They are fearless and are pure givers ready to fulfill mankind’s needs. They will be the ones to bring about the fabled ‘End of Childhood’. By this we mean the end of the Spiritual Childhood.

The banishment of self-alienation will take humanity closer to a union with the Primal Cause (we call God) and finally evolve us to be beings of the fifth dimension.

The Higher Beings exist in the place of the great so-called ‘Ultra-Brockian’ Realms, which would make their existence perpendicular to reality as the uninformed observer in the time-space continuum would see.

Humanity’s destiny may be fulfilled in the course of the next generations, something that the ancient texts of the primordial civilizations (think Atlantis) had always foretold. We have reached for the spiritual stars as a species. It is time to embrace our destiny. There is no turning back now.

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Image art by: Tomasz Alen Kopera

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