Try This 7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan and Lose 30 lbs

Sugar is one of the most essential supplement/element of our daily diet. It provides energy to our system. But it is both a sweet and bitter pill depending upon the extent of its daily intake in our diet. Heavy intake of sugary compounds like ice cream, puddings and sweets on daily basis can make one sugar addict and can prove very detrimental to our body system. It can make us susceptible to many life style diseases, affecting life expectancy and making our life short and brute.

Major reason why we should stay away from sugary compounds is because they have no nutritional value. It provides empty calories, and can lead to:

  • diabetes
  • it can drain minerals from our body
  • snap energy
  • lead to serious heart problems and even promote cancer

It can also contribute to:

  • eczema
  • cause joint pains
  • hypoglycemia
  • effect eyesight
  • cause fatigue
  • can cause gall stones
  • and seriously cause imbalance in our immune system.

To counter, the experts have suggested a dietary system for seven days: Sugar Detox Menu for 7 days


For breakfast, cheesy spinach backed eggs.

For mid-morning snack, Tamari Almonds.

For lunch, Green salad and low–cheesy sweet peppers.

For mid morning snack, cucumber, tomatoes feta salad with baked chicken.

For evening snack, Low-fat snacks such as ricotta cheese, quarter cup part skim with few drops of vanilla stevia and vanilla extract.

For dinner, turkey lettuce cups, mushrooms, pepper and sautéed spinach.


For breakfast, have sun-dried tomatoes feta frittata.

For mid-morning snack, have three hard boiled eggs without white yolk.

For lunch, have left over turkey with green salad, cucumber and tomatoes dressed with virgin olive oil and vinegar.

For afternoon snacks, have feta frittata.

For dinner, have grilled chicken with fresh herbs and light vegetable soup.

Dairy free sugar free vanilla pudding for snack.


Peanut butter protein for the breakfast.

Three hard boiled eggs without white yolk for mid –morning snack.

Left over turkey with green salad for lunch.

For afternoon snack vanilla pudding.

Turkey with mushrooms peppers and sweetened spinach for dinner.

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For breakfast, santé frittatas.

For mid-morning snack, cheese.

For lunch, grilled chicken and salad.

For afternoon, half a cup of low fat cottage cheese with cucumber slices.

For dinner, chicken, beans, mini Zucchini cheese bites.


Breakfast, santé Fe frittatas.

Mid –morning, spicy Mediterranean feta with raw vegetables.

Lunch, cheese bread sticks and green bean salad.

Dinner, Zucchini noodles and garlic lemon chicken drum sticks.


Breakfast, egg muffins.

For mid –morning, half a cup of cottage cheese

For lunch, soup salad with cucumber.

For dinner, Dairy free, sugar free vanilla pudding.


For breakfast, scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach and mushrooms.

For mid –morning, half a cup of cottage cheese.

For lunch, light vegetable soup and Zucchini noodles.

For after noon snacks, dairy free sugar free vanilla pudding.

For dinner, chicken drum sticks and left over bean salad.

Despite containing good suggestions to minimize the impact of heavy intake of sugar, the 7 days plan suffers from 2 serious flaws. One, it is heavily loaded in favor of Continental and non-vegetarian sugar addict foodies, and secondly it does focus on the need of having physical exercise in the plan to defuse the sugar impact.

The plan needs to be oriented towards those sugar addict foodies who are vegetarian and need to consume a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables every day to adopt and assimilate the required vitamins and minerals.

Scientific evidences suggest that many of our health issues are due to heavy intake of sugar which really stems out from poor understanding of dietary habits that lead to nutritional deficiency.

There is a need to have enough mix of fruits and vegetables, not for 7 days only, but for every day. Lack of balanced diet can mutate into serious ailments.

Blending of 7 days menu with the above suggestions can go a long way to detox the unhealthy sugary effects and help losing 30 to 40 lbs!

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