10 Signs and Symptoms of Negative Energy and Psychic Attack; Empaths, Watch Out!

Non-local communication is a phenomenon that has perplexed mainstream science for some time now.

How do we explain the occurrence of events such as loved ones sensing each other’s distress from miles away intuitively?

It seems there are subtle and possibly unconscious ways for the human minds to communicate and it is only these days that we have been able to grasp the significance of this fact.

While non-local communication can have the transference of positive feelings warmth between individuals, it is also a means to attack your psychic senses. Understanding the nature of such psychic attacks is the first step to defending against them.

If a person has been unconsciously harboring ill-will and negative feelings towards you, there are ways for that person to actually project that negativity on to you. Feeling unusually tired, depressed or anxious nowadays? You may be experiencing a psychic assault.

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How many times have you encountered the situation where someone else’s negative vibes got you down?

In your daily life, you run into countless examples where other people frustrated with their own lives manage to pile on some of that stuff onto you. That is an example of how the mental energy around you can affect you too.

I was sitting shotgun in the car, with family and friends, while we were trying to find a place to park for dinner.

We pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot, naturally, to find a place to park.

A lot attendant came over to the driver’s window and prompted to scold and chastise the driver for being there and breaking some parking lot-line of cars rule system that we didn’t know was existing.

The driver was hit smack in the face with the parking lot attendant’s tense and hostile attitude, and instantly, the driver then also became irritable, tense, and short.

This is an example of an energetic attack.

An energy attack can thus be triggered by any state that has the capacity to alter your energy and emotions. It is psychic in nature. The fact that another individual’s words have the power to alter your mental state is the sign of the potency of psychic attacks.

Typically, an attack of energy, also called a psychic attack, comes on quickly and arises from someone else’s low energy emotions, thoughts, or attitudes – directed at you.

Low energy is also called negative energy. It’s any energy that’s generated by a less than wonderful thought or feeling, like anger, hostility, worry, irritability, sadness, or any other emotion, thought, or feeling that falls into this category.

Empaths are especially vulnerable to this sort of energy influences. Negative or low energy attacks have the potential to completely change your mood or your physical feeling of wellness in an instant. If this has happened to you then there are a few signs you should look out for to be sure.

The 10 signs of psychic attack are:

  1. Sudden stomach ache or nausea
  2. Stabbing pains around the chest, shoulders, and back
  3. Throbbing headache
  4. Feeling disoriented or out of it, all of a sudden
  5. Crankiness or irritability
  6. Feeling angry or on edge for seemingly no reason
  7. Feeling like you’re beneath a heavy cloud or like there’s a weight on you
  8. Feelings of worry, guilt, or anxiety interrupting your day
  9. Coughing or choking
  10. Tightness in the chest or feeling like you can’t breathe

If these happen to you frequently, and “all of a sudden”, consider that the problem is not you, but that you’ve been hit by someone else’s negative energy.

The first step in doing anything about it is noticing that it’s happening. Next time you feel a sudden change in how you feel, emotional or physical, take a moment to ask yourself if there may have been a trigger.

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