15 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence Of An Empath; No. 2 Scares People!

Empathy is a highly prized virtue…

It’s the ability to understand and feel the experiences of other people through their perspectives.

Being an empath means you can understand and relate to other people’s feelings. It also means that you are affected by their energies and can understand what they are feeling.

Empathy is an innate and intuitive quality not all people possess. Being an empath is much more than just being sensitive towards others. They can feel the spiritual urges and physical sensitiveness of other people and are often capable of determining people’s motivations and intentions.

You were either born an empath or weren’t.

Many empaths are so sensitive that they can physically feel the pain of other people. They can experience the symptoms of other people’s illness and high emotions. You may also be subjected to chronic fatigue, or pains and aches which may go unexplained. It is a commonly misunderstood gift which is why most empaths are labelled as hypochondriacs owing to the frequency at which they keep falling ill.

Empaths are difficult to understand or relate to. They are extraordinarily capable of peering into people’s thoughts to analyze the intentions behind their actions, and share their feelings. Their ability to read body language and feel emotions give them the power to understand what the other person is going through.

They are amazing people to be friends with. If you have such people in your life, then you should consider yourself to be very lucky. As much as empaths observe and feel things about the people around them, others also have opinions about them.

Here is a list of things that you must have noticed in an empath:

1. Too sensitive or emotional

Empaths tend to feel deeply than others. The feelings can be positive or negative. They can sense the emotional energy of the people around them.

2. Say not to lies

Empaths do not like being lied to. They can sense if you are cheating them just by looking at you. If you lie to them then it could spell an end for your relationship.

3. Negative images are harmful

For an empath, negative images circulated through media are very dismal. Since they feel too much, they try to avoid violent, blood-soaked details. It makes them melancholic and gloomy.

4. Crowded places overwhelms them

It’s not necessary that an empath must be an introvert by nature. Empaths exist in all personality types, introvert or extrovert, but even the outgoing ones are easily overwhelmed in crowds.

5. Healers

They love to heal emotionally damaged people. They are the healers and spiritual guides of the world who help people find a path towards love and light.

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6. Sensitive to stimulants and medications

Coffee, energy drinks, soda- any caffeinated drink makes them more anxious and agitated. When it comes to medications, empaths try to avoid them as much as possible because of the myriad of side effects of the medication.

7. Honest and true individuals

Empaths are the truest friends you can ever ask for. They know who they are and embrace it completely. They will not hide their true self from you because they know that there is no use in doing so.

8. Experiencing what others experience

Empaths are so deeply connected to their family or friends that they will feel their emotions with them. If you are agitated, depressed, excited or hyper, empaths will feel it along with you.

9. Love for animals

They have an extreme fondness for animals. Empaths look after them like their own family.

10. Tired, exhausted and fatigued

So much emotional connection with others drains their energy. For them, being tired, exhausted or fatigued is a normal state. Their mental and emotional health is always at risk due to this.

11. Their advice is pure gold

If an empath gives you an advice, you should immediately pay attention to it. They take out time to listen to your problems and try to provide genuine solutions for the same. It is quite disrespectful if you ask for their help and ignore it in the end.

12. Distractions

Empaths are easily distracted. They tend to lose focus and end up taking interest in the little things.

13. No narcissism

They highly dislike narcissists. If you have a tendency to be narcissistic, then do avoid empaths at all costs.

14. Harsh sounds, lights and patterns

Such things bother empaths a lot. They generally like soft and delicate things which provide them pleasure and happiness.

15. Great listeners

There is no doubt about it that empaths are great listeners. They will listen to your troubles and you can tell them anything about your life. They will not judge you and will help you find a solution to your problem(s).

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