The Dark Side Of The Empaths That You Rarely See and Must Always Be Cautious Of

Empathetic people are known to be great healers. They can feel other people’s emotional energies because of their own heightened sense of perception. This ability to feel “too much” is seen as a gift by others; however, this gift does not always bring joy to empaths.

Empathy is certainly a great quality to have, but it does not always spell sunshine and rainbows for an empath. There are many difficulties an empath has to overcome in order to give kindness and compassion to the world.

Since people depend on empaths for emotional support, their energies are constantly in danger of being depleted. They can handle other people’s emotions and drama which can prove to be very distressing for an empath.

The dark side of empathic people can be seen when they battle with the positive and negative forces present in the world. The good and bad both persist in their head, making it difficult for them to feel stable. They are overwhelmed by the conflict going on in their mind.

Empathic people are more susceptible to the negative energies in life. Because they feel too much, they cannot block negative energy anyhow. Their understanding and compassionate nature makes them see all the evils in the world which is very disheartening. They are confused why such negativity even exists.

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The downside of being an empath is that you’ll constantly find yourself to be emotionally exhausted and fatigued. You absorb all these energies – positive or negative – which affect your spirit adversely. Empaths might not break down or fall apart in front of anyone. They quietly observe and feel.

Empaths are big “givers”. They show kindness in their everyday dealing with people, even to those who barely deserve it. This is another point an empath should keep in mind because there are energy vampires out there ready to advantage of their goodness.

Empathic people do not like to share their burden with someone else. They will carry the baggage themselves in order to prevent the other person from suffering. Their selflessness can cause them extreme damage.

Choosing to ignore themselves for the sake of others is another dark quality of empaths. They neglect their mind and soul for others that can lead to a build up over the years. Then they’ll probably have to take time off so that they can restore their energy and heal their damaged spirit.

Even when empaths fall in love, they don’t do it entirely. They do not give themselves entirely to the other person because they understand that it could be an overwhelming experience for both of them. They keep their guard from people even when they love them dearly.

The war within an empath is a constant one. This war against negativity, darkness, and evil energies keeps them on the edge. It has the potential to lead them to self-destruction.

Empaths need to distinguish between their own emotions and what they take from others. Do not let other’s emotions completely rule you. Understand what is desirable and what is not. Empathic people need to show some empathy towards themselves when is required. They should use their “gift” to balance out their energies.

Such people need to let down their walls and talk to others so that they can also breathe freely. Helping others is fine, helping yourself is divine.

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