5 things you can’t hide from an Empath, no matter how hard you try

Empathy is a great gift as people might say. An empath is someone who can feel other people’s emotions as deeply as s/he feels their own. Empathy is the medicine that the world really needs right now. With so much negativity and hatred spread in the world through terrorism, racism and political conflicts, we really need more empaths who can spread love and positivity.

Empaths are natural healers and they can heal you by simply listening to your problems. Their talent is quite amazing, but often they get exhausted by feeling “too much”. Their intuitive faculties are very sharp and hiding something from them is very difficult. There are these 5 things that you cannot hide from an empath no matter how hard you try.

Before we get into that, let us reveal to you some interesting scientific explanations behind empathy and empaths. In her book The Empath’s Survival Guide, Judith Orloff M.D. remarks some of the explanations.

– Empaths tend to pick up the thoughts and emotions of others because our brain and heart generates some electromagnetic waves which actually transmit our thoughts to the other person. Empaths are usually quicker than others to see through it.

– Another phenomena discussed is that of “emotional contagion” which means that people can pick up emotions of other people. For instance, if someone is anxious then their anxiety can also make others anxious. So empaths should be around positive people who give out positive vibes than those who are toxic. It is only beneficial for them if they stay with a good company.

– Empaths also need less dopamine to be happy. That is why they are completely fine with being left alone. While their counterpart extroverts need an adrenaline rush to feel happy and content.

Empath can often be overwhelmed and can often suffer from chronic fatigue and tiredness. Though they might seem like complicated individuals, once you come to know them, everything becomes clear. And if you know one of them, consider yourself fortunate and blessed.

Now that you are aware of some scientific characteristics of an empath, let us look at those 5 things that you can’t hide from an empath:

1. Random gifts to solve problems

If you gift something to an empath just because you want to fulfill your own purpose, think again. These people can sense intentions like a shark smells blood. So do not try to bribe or flatter an empath if you don’t want to ruin your relationship with them.

2. Your true motives

Hiding your real intentions from an empath is an impossible task. I will not recommend you to even try it. They will sense it way before you even plan to tell them. It’s better not to harbor any evil intentions because they will know of it. Just don’t…

3. Your real emotions

Pretending to smile for others in order to hide your grief is something that doesn’t work in front of an empath. If you are faking your emotions for better or for worse, empaths will pick up on it. These people are literally emotional ninjas and can tell if you’re happy, sad, angry or amused. You can’t escape from this. As a matter of fact, they can feel what you feel, so your words trying to cover that is not going to make it feel true.

4. Lying

Empaths know when someone is being dishonest. They believe in the value and power of honesty so it’s better not to lie to them. A single lie can never be forgotten from an Empath, and as we mentioned before, “if you know one of them, consider yourself fortunate and blessed.” You don’t want to ruin it all with a lie.

5. Back biting

If you are planning to bitch about an empath, s/he will definitely know about it. They are already aware of your negative intentions so it’s not difficult for them to know who is a friend or foe.

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