If You’re An Empath, These 6 Signs Will Help You Deflect Negative Emotions Around You

An empath is a person who is highly sensitive to the emotions of others. He or she can feel and perceive the emotional energy of people around him whether it is positive or negative.

When things are happy and positive, all is well. But what happens when the negative energy becomes too much to handle for an empath? It is a difficult situation for anyone to be in.

In this article you will learn ways to protect yourself from all those undesirable emotions that find their way to you. You can safeguard your positive energy if you apply them in your life.

At first, you need to know whether you are an empath or not…

Here are a few signs of people who are empaths:

– Empaths know things without being told. It’s a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings.

– You feel overwhelmed in public spaces or overcrowded places.You feel disturbed by watching violent TV shows and films.

– You are always looking out for emotionally damaged people.

– You strive for truth and honesty.

– You tend to get bored or are distracted easily.

– Have extreme fondness for animals. (Basically, you are crazy about them!)

– People tend to dump their emotional baggage or problems on you.

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If you feel some connection with these points, then you could be an empath. But empaths can be a ‘garbage’ for negative emotions. Everything emotion is able to hit you right in the chest… that’s why you need to learn how to protect yourself from the negativity around you.

It is not an easy task because you cannot stop yourself from feeling; however, you can always prevent it from taking a toll on your emotional and mental health.

– Don’t be afraid of saying “No” to people. You are always ready to lend a shoulder or an ear to those around you. It would require some courage to tell them to give you time to yourself. If they think you are selfish, they never were your true friends. After all, if you really want to help people, you need to help yourself first.

– Try to make negative feelings into positive ones. Just like you help others see the light at the end of the tunnel, help yourself too. You owe yourself this before you do to anyone else. Vibes hit you like the wind, and if you accept everything that surrounds you, it will be really bad for your overall health…

– Don’t try to please people with your emphatic abilities. You should do it because you genuinely want to help; not because it will make you look good in front of others. If you think lending help wouldn’t bring energy to your own well-being, then why would you do it?!

– Give time to yourself. Think about your own needs at least for once. You put others before you and end up getting emotionally hurt or exhausted. Try to communicate your needs to your true friends.

– Be truthful to yourself and to others. If you think that your friend is a toxic person, be honest about it. You need to avoid such people because they create an unhealthy environment for themselves and for others, especially for you, an empath, who cannot avoid any type of energy…

– It’s absolutely necessary to raise your consciousness and intuitive abilities. You can do this through meditation. Just sit and let your mind off the hook. Let everything fall into the sea of calmness. It will detoxify all the negativity out of you, rejuvenating your senses and energies. I call it “the spiritual shower”.

Keep healing others but keep an eye open for your own spirits lest they drop considerably!

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