If You Experience Any of These Signs You Belong to The Infamous List of 10 Types of Empaths

They say real men don’t cry. Modern society treats sensitivity as a sign of weakness or a liability. You’re supposed to grow a thick skin. This is a pervasive culture throughout our society; from the classroom to the workspace.

What people fail to understand is that sensitivity can be especially empowering in its own way. This brings the question: how can we become empowered by a trait that makes us soft and delicate, in a world dominated by loud and overpowering people?

Yes, it is true that many empaths may seem weak and even get overpowered, but there is another aspect to this sensitivity. An empath is a person who has a stronger than normal ability to sense the thoughts and emotions of others. Their bond with others is at a deeper level, which is almost a soul connection. They are able to feel the emotions of others and provide support and help. They are the ‘physical spirits’ in our world, the people behind the scenes, the moving energies.

This gift allows empaths to benefit in the long term by gathering psychological, emotional, and physical information from their surroundings. This information is usually inaccessible to the unreceptive mind. Although it is indeed correct that empaths cannot bully people or use brute force, they can however, protect, guide, heal, and deeply understand the people around them.

Knowledge is a huge source of power in this sense and empaths are the greatest when it comes to gathering information by the slightest contact with any social situation. They are the psychical part of it.

Here are Signs that indicate you are an Empath:

You feel mental and physical fatigue

Your emotional state depends a lot on external stimuli

You love your solitude

You care and nurture naturally

Crowded places drain you

You’re a great listener

Animals and children are naturally attracted to you

Types of Empaths

Different empaths have different sorts of abilities. Being an empath can be an overwhelming experience and can depend heavily on the individual experience of the person.

The following are a list of the different kinds of empaths that may exist and the unique characteristics they may present.

1. Physically Receptive Empath

Empaths who can manifest the pain of another person’s illness and physical trouble into their own bodies.

2. Emotionally Receptive Empath

Almost all empaths are extremely receptive of external emotional states. This can result in physically and emotionally feeling other people’s emotions before they are expressed.

3. Claircognizant Empath

Claircognizant empaths have the ability to know if something needs to be done or if a statement of a person’s intentions is true or misleading, without any rational reasoning.

4. Geomantic Empaths

They can feel the energy transmitted through the soil. That means they can instinctively know if there are any impending natural disasters.

5. Fauna Empath

Fauna empaths can feel, hear, and interact with animals.

6. Medium Empaths

They have the ability to communicate with spirits.

7. Flora Empath

Slightly similar to Fauna Empaths, as they can communicate with plants by being able to feel or receive their signals.

8. Psychometric Empath

These empaths develop the ability to receive energy, impressions, and information from inanimate objects such as jewellery, photographs, etc.

9. Telepathic Empath

Telepathic empaths can accurately read another person’s unexpressed thoughts.

10. Precognitive Empath

Such empaths can feel a situation or event before its occurrence. These usually manifests in the form of dreams of emotional or physical sensations.

In this insensitive and coarse world, empaths can often find it difficult to maintain their inner harmony. But with self-awareness, everyone, including empaths, can learn to appreciate their unique gifts and abilities.

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