7 “Spiritual” Things People Do That Are Complete Bullsh*t

You must have heard many people claim to be a ‘spiritual type of person’. Everywhere on social media, we come across many people who talk about ‘energy’ or ‘higher vibrations’. Thanks to the popularity of awareness and positivity movements, spirituality has become the new trend. The question is, are these people actually enlightened? The answer is No.

This is why:

1. They engage in “spiritual” practices to feel superior to you

Most of them do it not for the inner peace, but to feel much better than you. Yoga and meditation are just tools for them to satisfy their ego. It makes them feel better just because they do something “spiritual” which you don’t. I bet you know some person who puts his ‘yoga’ or ‘meditation’ class more on the social networks than they actually do it. Yes, that’s what we’re talking about.

2. They judge anyone who expresses negative emotions such as anger

They focus so much on positivity that anything negative is “lower vibration”. They don’t allow anger or anxiety to surface nor they empathize with those who express such emotions.

In reality, these emotions are a part of human expression which is required for a balanced emotional state. These emotions are important to self-evaluate oneself and look for aspects that need to be changed. By forcing themselves to be positive all the time, they suppress their negative emotions and refuse to connect to what they really feel like. You can see it in their eyes… they are not smiling, they feel completely different on the inside.

Do not forget, suppressed emotions overtime causes a lot of health issues. Just don’t do it.

3. They adopt new hobbies simply because they’re the new “spiritual fad”

Every person wants to fit in. For most “spiritual” folks, they do it simply because they think it’s cool to be a part of something spiritual. They participate in music festivals and meditation camps just so they can brag about it later. This pretense makes it difficult for them to experience authentic spirituality, making the whole purpose of it futile.

4. They use “spirituality” to justify excessive drug use

Everybody knows that drugs are commonly used for an improved spirituality. Unsurprisingly, many people use it as an excuse to use drugs. Some even get addicted to it which may have some serious consequences.

5. They believe that positivity will solve the world’s problems

It’s great to be a positive person, but let’s face it- it doesn’t solve everything. “Spiritual” people repeat the positivity motto way more often. They not only seem irritating after a point but also a bit condescending to those who have brutal and serious problems.

Denying oneself to express negative emotions can result in mental strain and unhealthy coping mechanisms. It is not alright to ignore or reject the harsh reality just to remain positive. You won’t be in tune with the world if you reject a part of it. To be truly spiritual, you must accept all your emotions and be conscious of your surroundings.

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6. They feel self-loathing when they confront the negative aspects of themselves

As discussed earlier, such people engage in spirituality to feel superior to others. This obviously means that they don’t want to acknowledge their flaws. They idolize their gurus or masters as if they’re perfect. They can’t allow themselves to feel weak or make mistakes. Remember, it’s best to accept your faults and take lessons from them.

7. They want spiritual practices to be correct so they disregard science entirely

Many practices essential to spiritual activities have been deemed as pseudoscience by scientific communities. It’s not that they don’t value them; they simply don’t have any scientific proof to these practices. They forget that science is used to understand the world and according to Carl Sagan, “a profound source of spirituality”.

If you really want to be spiritual, don’t do it because you want peoples approval of you or your actions. Do it for the sake of your own well-being. This rule applies in everything in life.

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