7 Ways an Alpha Woman Stands Out From Everyone Else

You must have come across at least one Alpha woman in your life…

Some men find submissive, timid and ultra-feminine women very attractive. But there are Alpha Women who will kick your ass if you expect such things from them. She is bold, courageous and in charge of her life.

While it is not easy to spot one in a room full of women, there are many exceptional qualities which make her stand apart.

Here are some of them:

1. Naturally confident

An Alpha woman is a naturally confident woman which makes her look attractive to others. Her confidence never turns into over-confidence. She is sure of herself and her actions. Her ability to get the job done is commendable. She is never loud or abrasive about her abilities and will always guide those who need help.

2. Her actions seem effortless

You might think that an alpha woman handles everything amazingly well, but you should know that a lot of hard work goes in maintaining things. She will make everything look seamless so that you don’t become paranoid for the wrong reasons. She inspires loyalty in her friends.

She allows life’s natural ups and downs to guide her decision, as opposed to trying to make things happen forcefully. Her decision making abilities are quite balanced and are not guided by extreme passions.

3. Honest and upfront

She will not construct elaborate lies to make her look respectable in front of others. She will say things as they are. Don’t expect any sugar coated things from her; be prepared to hear the bare truth. People develop great respect for her because she doesn’t engage in mind politics and silly games.

4. Believes in constructive criticism

Alpha women are never afraid of hearing the truth about themselves. They handle criticism in a positive way, which is how it should be with everyone.  They know they are not perfect and need constant improvement.

If she can give her opinion honestly, she can also accept honest criticism. If positive criticism comes her way, she has the ability to accept it and learn more from it. She also knows how to differ between negative and positive critiques.

If she really is an Alpha, she will take your criticism, chew it out, and see if there’s really something to improve. After all, that’s how she became an Alpha. Nobody gets born an Alpha.

5. Doesn’t compete with other women

This is one of the qualities that make a woman truly stand apart from her contemporaries. Alpha woman does not compete with other women for anything or anyone. She doesn’t let insecurity guide her.

She is firm about herself and knows what works best for her life. For an alpha woman, the only competition is herself. The judgment of others is merely a trifle for her, which she couldn’t care less about.

6. Emotionally intelligent

Knowing how to read situations and people is an important part of being an Alpha woman. They have the necessary experience to know when a situation, business deal or personal relationship will go sour or will prove to be advantageous for them. They also know if a relationship will be harmful for them which prevents them from getting hurt.

As much as her intelligence, she also uses her emotional knowledge to guide her in relationships. She is not a stone cold machine.

7. Balance between personal and professional

Alpha woman knows how to achieve a balance between the personal and the professional. She knows it is an important task and tries to maintain it efficiently. Taking a break is important and she knows just when to take time to relax.

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