The Top 9 Plants & Herbs to Treat Cold, Cough and Other Lung Related Infections

Cold, cough and other lung related infections can be treated with the help of natural herbs and plants. They not only ensure complete recovery from these issues; but also help in boosting immunity, fighting infection and promoting healthy lungs.

Here is a list of nine herbs and plants that will prove to be beneficial in maintaining healthy lungs:

1. Eucalyptus

You will find that eucalyptus is often an ingredient in cough lozenges and cough syrups. It consists of a compound called cineole that works to ease cough, fight congestion and soothe irritated sinus passages. Eucalyptus also contains antioxidants that support the immune system during an illness.

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2. Licorice Root

Licorice is well known for its soothing effect on the body. It softens the mucous membranes in the throat, lungs and stomach. Licorice also helps in the cleansing of any inflamed mucous membrane that needs the support of the immune system.

The root of Licorice naturally reduces irritation in the throat while helping the body in expelling mucous.

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3. Osha Root

This plant is not easily available in the market. It can be found in the Rocky mountain area. The roots of Osha contain camphor and other compounds that provide good lung support. Osha root helps in increasing blood circulation to the lungs, making it easier to take deep breaths.

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4. Thyme

Thyme contains powerful antiseptic essential oils which can prove to be good to fight chest congestion. It is a commonly available herb. Thyme oil has natural antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. You can drink thyme tea in order to cleanse bacteria and viruses from the body.

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5. Mullein

Mullein can be used to clear excess mucus from the lungs. Flowers as well as the leaves of the mullein plant are used to make a powerful herbal extract. Mullein can help in cleansing of the bronchial tubes and reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract.

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6. Peppermint

Menthol present in peppermint soothes the muscles of the respiratory tract end and ensures easy breathing. Many cough lozenges contain peppermint which leaves you feeling cool and refreshed. It is an efficient decongestant and the antioxidants present in it are good for the immune system.

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7. Sage

You can drink Sage tea to prevent or treat lung problems and respiratory illnesses. Sage essential oils are also available in the market which can be used to clear blocked sinuses. Its aromatic properties provide a soothing sensation to the lungs.

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8. Plantain Leaf

Plantain leaf contains antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also relieve dry cough by promoting mucus production in the lungs. It is a natural remedy for cough, cold and lung irritation.

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9. Oregano

Oregano consists of vitamins and nutrients which are essential to maintain a healthy immune system.  It also contains carvacrol and rosmarinic acid, which are compounds that work as natural decongestant and histamine reducers. Smelling it could instantly make you feel better. It has a positive effect on the respiratory tract and airflow.

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