Average Woman Will Kiss 15 Men And Be Heartbroken Twice Before Meeting ‘The One’, Study Reveals

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…” ― Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight

According to a recent study, the average woman kisses 15 men, has two lengthy and stable relationships, and faces two serious heartbreaks before she finally meets ‘The One’.

The study also claims that she will have to endure four terrible dates and get stood up at least one time before finally finding her happy ending. During this time, she will have fallen in love twice, had around four one night stands and lived together with one partner before she eventually meets her dream man and finds happiness.

Compared to their fairer counterparts, men may stood up twice and have six one night stands before they find their life partner.

These are just some of the interesting statistics that emerged from a recent study commissioned to celebrate the release of the paperback edition the international literary chart topper – The Rosie Project. The book takes you through the tale of one man and his mission to find his perfect woman.

The author of the book, Graeme Simsion, considers the story a reminder of how one must travel a long way indeed before they find that perfect someone who will be their partner forever. It isn’t easy to find that special someone and one should be prepared for a tough time.

The bad dates, failed relations, unfulfilling one night stands and multiple heartbreaks can make anyone feel like they will never find love.

At the same time, there is something annoyingly wonderful about the sheer randomness of it all. All the bad things, the heartbreaks, and one never knows when the person they’re with will just happen to turn out to be The One.

The study, which talked to 2000 Brits who claimed to have met ‘The One’, also finds that women will have seven dates, and a further two blind dates, as well as two dates with someone they were introduced to online.

Men, in turn, will have to go on eight dates, three blind dates and three dates with people they met online.

The largest difference in the two sets is in the number of sexual partners. Women average seven partners, compared to the ten partners that an average man has. Men also have six relationships, of which an average of two lasting for over a year, compared to 5 for women.

When it comes to being cheated on, neither men nor women are spared. What’s surprising is that the average person will be the cheater on at least one occasion during the course of their life.

Six in ten Brits confessed to having been at a point in their lives where they felt that finding The One was never going to happen for them, with another 59% feeling that finding that special someone was a harder task than they’d imagined.

On a more positive note, eight out of ten adults met The One when they least expected to find that happiness. Meanwhile more than a quarter admit that their partner isn’t what they quite hoped for.

More than half feel that their spouses are just opposite to them. 94% women believe in ‘true love’, as compared to a much lower percentage of men i.e. 88%.

Mr. Simsion reveals some other things from his book. It was inspired by a friend struggling to find a partner. Although failing, the protagonist is convinced that there indeed is a right woman for him.

The book is a brilliant collection of unexpectedness. Why is it that despite one’s best efforts, they can’t find love? Actually, it is love that finds them.

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