5 Ways to Develop your Non-Religious Spiritual Side (#5 is a Must)

The monastic and religious orders of monks and nuns have one basic agenda. By the renouncing of all worldly ties, these institutions believe in getting their members the transcendent independence of pure spirituality. They use the teachings of their religion to achieve the spiritual state.

But in modern times, with all sorts of disillusionment and fanatic religious dogma going around side by side reconciling ourselves with that religiosity can become difficult. Why would free thinking individuals go for cultivating spirituality while being under religious strictures?

These are strictures that many have questioned throughout their lives. Is there no method of achieving higher states of consciousness than through the (sometimes myopic) lenses of religions?

How can you develop your spiritual side without being religious?

1. Take Some Time Out for Yourself

Taking time out to spend with yourself is a great way to start getting in touch with your inner self. The balance of the inner self is the best way to achieve inner peace. One way to practice this is by practicing meditation. Meditation helps to calm the brain and lets us ponder the nature of the spiritual state we seek. Try meditating for 15 minutes every morning when you wake up and 15 minutes every night before you power down to sleep. It will majorly help, believe me.

2. Altruism

Altruism is literally the act of helping others without expecting anything in return. It captures the thought of being the ‘good Samaritan’ in one word. Lend a helping hand and make the world around you a better place. More than just the compassion of the act itself, it will also bring spiritual fulfillment to you. Try committing in terms of actions instead of just donating to charities. Why don’t you volunteer at the soup kitchen and be at the forefront to see the change you can have on other people’s lives?

3. Switch Off

Consumer media is a constant distraction and pollutant in modern lives: mobile phones, TV, radio, the Internet, social media and other factors are constantly bombarding the five senses with stimuli. Start looking for ways to be with yourself without stimulating the five senses. Even your sensory system gets overloaded and it’s a good idea to take a break and just switch off. The technology around us can make us slaves and human robots very easily.

4. Read Books That Move You

They say there can be no better friend than a good book. Books go far beyond just expanding your horizons. Books and the written word can make you feel connected with the things you read on the page. This experience is truly powerful and should be treasured. In the worst of times the right book can give you the faith to hang in there. It brings you a strange sense of comfort in your solitude and let you know that there are others who also struggle like you. A man with a book can never be lonely. Remember that.

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5. Do What You Love

Never spend your energy or even attention on distractive stuff that sap your spirit. Do what you dream of doing even if you have to start small. Do what you love and you’ll never be drained or tired for a second. Even the hard work and stress will be worth it because you will be more invested than ever in the activity/results. As the Ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius once said: “Do what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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