Girlfriends Ranked Best to Worst Based On Their Zodiac Signs

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are their own worst critics. However, in a relationship, they are very supporting and motivating. They will uplift you with positivity and love. They do not bring down their partners and are definitely selfless. Trust and loyalty are the two cherished values for them. They care genuinely and affectionately.

2. Pisces

They seem shy and guarded when you first meet them. But Pisceans are the most trustworthy people and once you gain their affection you’ll understand how lucky you are! They can sense other’s emotions, picking up on vibes and body language. They will know when you’re trying to fake. They are sensitive people who will consciously never hurt anyone.

3. Capricorn

They are naturally perfectionists. When it comes to relationships, they will give their best. They usually dominate in a relationship and will always have your back against people. Capricorns can be very difficult to read at times as they are good at hiding their emotions. They guard their heart pretty well and you must be truly special to win it over.

4. Libra

The kindest zodiac sign is Libra. Librans try avoiding conflict in a relationship but that doesn’t really work out. They strive for happiness and positivity but they also feel it deeply if someone hurts them. They are the givers in any relationships and forget to cater to their own needs. Since Librans are known for being social, they will always include their partners in everything. Their charismatic nature makes them the target of jealousy in a relationship. Give them their space instead of being jealous.

5. Gemini

Geminis have 2 different sides – they can be fun and outgoing at one moment, in the next they can be dark and brooding. They will try to hide the negative side in a relationship but you have to learn to accept it as a part of them. They believe in trusting people but once they have seen their true colors, they will not give any second chance.

6. Aquarius

They are shy when it comes to relationships because they value their independence… a lot. But once committed, they are very loyal people. They look at your flaws at something to be admired and they look at their own as something to be hated. Teaching an Aquarius to love themselves is the hardest part of dating one. They overthink too much which means that you have to be patient with them.

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7. Leo

Leos are hopeless romantics with unrealistic expectations. They always get involved with those who really don’t care for them enough. They grow a bit frustrated giving everything they have to someone who doesn’t and that’s what causes the most fights with Leo’s in relationships. They also rarely listen to their friends advice.

8. Cancer

Cancerians have a golden heart but they wear it on their sleeves all the time which leads to them getting hurt. They are not bad girlfriends as such; they just push people away very often. They are doubtful about their own decisions and they care even if they pretend they don’t and come across as harsh.

9. Taurus

Taurus girlfriends are known for breaking hearts because most of the time they simply don’t care about being in relationships. They are happy with their own life and do things at their own pace. They don’t play silly games or keep people guessing.

10. Aries

They rush into things quickly and like to control every situation in a relationship. Their strong personality might be what attracted someone to them but it can also be a turn off when it’s too much. They are tough on the outside and sensitive on the inside.

11. Virgo

Virgos are insecure and jealous people. They are extremely self-critical and self-destructing people especially when they go wrong at something. To convince then of your love is a difficult task.

12. Scorpio

Scorpio women are completely control freaks. They seem cold and heartless and are extremely blunt. They will not accept any mistakes from you. Out of all signs, they are the toughest to get to fall in love with.

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