If you’ve Ever Been Called Overly Emotional Or Too Sensitive, This Is For You

Today we live in an ‘ocean of motion’. There is not anything within this beautiful Universe that doesn’t vibrate at an atomic level. As person sensitive to energy, light worker or an Empath, you might be highly sensitive to the surrounding energy and the feelings around you as the ether that binds the fabric of reality is literally being constructed around us at all times…

There has always been a general tendency of keeping ‘appearances’ in front of others. Especially if these appearances are about hiding one’s emotions. Why is it okay to hide them? Why do people think that being emotional is something bad? And why is expressing them considered to be even worse?

When did our world come to this? Being passive is the new cool now. People will actually pick on you for being emotional. They will say it as soon as they find a reason to. They will point out that your sensitive nature is something you should be ashamed of.

Let me tell you something, there is not a thing wrong with that. On the contrary, you ought to be proud of it; for so many people lack it. You have something which many crave to have but they just can’t find it.

People who are sensitive to other’s sorrows, their delight, and their emotions are the ones who change the world around them. They feel everything so intensely and that makes them truly a human being. Such people go out of their way to help people around them, while those without this gift just look on.

Not everyone has the gift of empathy. They can’t connect to other’s pain or happiness which doesn’t amount to any growth emotionally. On the other hand, sensitive people are so much happier, a lot more compassionate, and well-regarded in their circles. Emotional people go places! They lead a rewarding life because of their better spirits. Because such people feel so genuinely, their relationships are much more successful and content.

Those who criticize you for your emotions envy you. They can’t feel like you feel and they realize it very well. They badly want to feel something differently but simply cannot.

They’re pessimists while you’re a positive person. They’ll never see the good in anyone if they don’t want to. There’s hardly any chance of self-evaluation in these people to see what’s missing in them. If you do well, they’ll say that you’re just lucky. They won’t care to see the endless hours you worked for the good things. They don’t know about karma – what goes around, comes around… neither about the law of attraction. You connect to something larger, and ask the cosmos to reward you for your intense emotions. The outcome is always pleasant. You know how to use your emotions to get the best in return from the Universe.

People like you are meant to bring comfort to this world. Sensitive people are a reminder that humanity is still out there somewhere. That tears or honest confessions are nothing to be ashamed of. Imagine the people you’ve given strength just by being frank about your emotions.

You help normalize sensitivity again. You’re like an oasis amidst the rough, dried out sand- a boon for so many.

Always be proud of yourself. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re too emotional. Most of all, never apologize for what you feel. The journey of life is too precious to allow anyone to change how you feel.

Follow the path to contentment and a life well lived. Already there are many who feel something but show something else entirely. Personally, I’ll always go for a deeply emotional person over a boring, unfeeling machine. Never forget what you have!

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