Video – You Won’t Ever Touch McDonald’s French Fries Again After Seeing This Video

No one expects fast food to be healthy but a report reveals that McDonald’s French Fries are not just unhealthy, but downright harmful! A recent ‘investigation’ into the fast food giant led to the discovery of a surprising fact – the presence of a highly toxic pesticide!

This pesticide is sprayed on the fries and is toxic in nature, and no one should be eating the fries for at least 2 months after the spraying.

The startling discovery was first made by Michael Pollan, an activist and journalist. He has done an extensive study of the subject and has covered in great detail every aspect of how these fries are made.

From the picking and selection of the potatoes, to how the cultivation is done and the fries are finally made, Pollan’s study throws light on the complete process.

Your Health Comes Second To the Profits of the Company

The potatoes used to make these fries are specially chosen. Known as Russet Burbank Potatoes, these thin and slightly elongated potatoes are the secret behind the appearance of McDonald’s French Fries.

With only one type of potato being chosen, a lot of effort is made to ensure that the highest possible percentage of the potato crop survives the harsh season and various pests.

This pressure leads to all kinds of compromises. Using too much chemicals in food items is just one cause of concern. Every potato lost to pests or nature is a big loss for the farmers, and they try to prevent this from happening by dousing the potatoes with pesticides.

A special disease known as net necrosis leaves visible scar-like marks on the potato and leaves it unfit for use in making the fries. Large quantity of pesticide is used to protect against this problem. The chemicals used are so toxic that the Idaho farmers, who grow these potatoes, don’t go near the field for the next 5 days after spraying is done.

After harvesting, the potatoes are collected and placed in large sheds, until 6 weeks have passed and they are fit for consumption. During this period, the potatoes release all kinds of chemicals into the air in the form of gases.

Side Effects of the Pesticide

The pesticide used in these fries is the Monitor Pesticide and has a long list of troubling and terrible side-effects. Exposure to it can lead to poisoning and has affected both farmers, and the people who consumed these fries.

Symptoms of pesticide poisoning:

  1. Irritation in the lungs
  2. Problem in Breathing
  3. Blurry Vision
  4. Slurring of Speech
  5. Erratic and irregular heartbeat
  6. Death
  7. Blood in nose, or excessive running of nose
  8. Weakness and faintness
  9. Numbness
  10. Nausea and vomiting
  11. Dulling of reflexes
  12. Come

The Monitor Pesticide is one of the biggest reasons for avoiding any product coming from McDonald’s, but it is not the only one.

Watch the complete video to discover the long list of reasons you really should avoid this global fast food chain at all cost.

The pesticide in your French fries can harm you…

The video (uploaded from Educate Inspire Change) explains how:

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