We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – 5 Types Of Synchronistic Connections

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun. – Christopher McCandless

In this huge world, nothing is purely a coincidence. Every person you meet plays a part in your life, howsoever small that may be. Altogether, they all serve a far bigger purpose that we are not able see initially.

This is a phenomenon that can’t be explained easily. It occurs every day till in our lifetime. It may sound cliché, but everything does happen for a reason, a reason that cannot be explained with the help of science or any other philosophy.

As long as we live, we meet a variety of people. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet people from completely different backgrounds. Such people always have something new to teach us and they unconsciously add something to our personal growth.

Some of them remain with us until the end, making a huge difference in our lives which we could have barely imagined in the beginning, whereas others are barely noticed by us. Even then, each person we meet has some purpose to serve. With some, we form a connection. Some add to our happiness, while others teach us the hard stuff that change our life.

Like music, life requires both low and high notes. We can’t really appreciate things if we don’t struggle for them. Similarly, both kinds of people who cross our paths make our journey of life perfect. They strike a balance in some way, a manner which we can’t truly understand.

There are 5 types of synchronistic encounters you will have with people in your life:

1. The ones who awaken us

Not all people stay for long in our lives. There are those who awaken us to remind us of our aspirations. They come to help us realize our mission and goals in life and once they’ve done their part, they go on their own way. They teach us ways to reach our goals.

2. Those that remind us

We all have at least a few people who constantly remind us to work hard towards our goal. They make sure we’re on the correct path which will eventually lead us to a successful end.

Such people leave their mark on us and have a long-lasting impact. These people are not easy to forget, and their trail may last a lifetime.

3. Those who push us to grow

These people act like our teachers by testing us. They give us difficult lessons that would’ve been impossible to learn otherwise. These help us immensely to develop ourselves into a better individuals.

4. Those who hold space

Not all the people last for long. These are such people. These are random strangers we see daily – in the sub, in the mall, or on the streets. It’s tough to make a lasting connection with them, even if we try to. Hence, these people just hold space in our lives for a small duration.

5. Those who stay

Their first sign is that they are very scarce and almost impossible to find. However, if you do meet them, they will stick to you till the end. They can be in any form – friends, family, life partners, and mentors.

They are the ones who have the maximum impact on you and vice versa. They’re extremely valuable as they rarely come in our lives. The best way to find them is to patiently wait. They usually share identical views and dreams as you, so it’d be easier to connect and share an enthusiasm for each other’s dreams.

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