12 Warning Signs Someone in Your Life is Evil

Everyone you meet cannot be an angel dropped from heaven; some are devils in the shape of normal human beings. There are people who emanate nothing but negative energy and talk nothing but bad. Self-absorbed, pessimistic and apathetic people can be in your life and you might not even be aware of it.

They appear to be friendly and easygoing in the beginning. As time goes by, you will start seeing the chinks in their armor of pretense. Their true colors will soon be visible but you should be able to spot such people before they can seriously cause you real harm.

Here are 12 signs which show if someone is an evil persona in your life or is hiding behind the geniality of that cute smile:

1. Denial of reality

Such people cannot confront reality. They live in a perpetual state of denial. However, this denial of reality is their choice and can easily fool people at times. They might dismiss the real things in life in front of you, but they will be very much aware of every consequence.

2. Twisting of facts

Manipulation and twisting of facts is something these people know very well. They can even make you think twice about your own decision with their glib talk! Do not fall for their nice manners in which they try to portray every horrible thing.

3. Keeping things from you

Withholding information is not generally a bad thing. But when it comes to narcissists and evil doers, withholding information becomes almost a weapon against people. They can keep necessary information from you and you might take plunge that could cost you your life.

4. Misleading

As if manipulation wasn’t enough for them! They try to mislead people on purpose so that they can look good in front of others. For them it is all about winning and for that they can do anything!

5. No remorse

Do you think that after doing the above mentioned things they will feel a tinge of remorse? No, never. These people don’t have a guilt consciousness because all their powers go into destroying others for their own benefit. As long their goal is achieved, they do not care who or what is sacrificed in the process.

6. Liar, liar!

How can they accomplish the task of manipulation without lying? Lying comes to them naturally!

7. No responsibility anyhow

If you accuse them of having said or done something, they will plainly refuse. They will pretend to have no memory of saying or doing anything. They will accuse you of accusing them. They will try to cross-trap you in some emotional way so that the attention shifts to you.

8. Good manipulators

They are extremely good at playing mind games with people! They love control and will hardly ever put themselves in a compromising situation. They know what they want and they will get it anyhow.

9. Fair-weather friends

True friends are those who help you in your difficult times. The very visible mark of evil people in your life is that you’ll never find them when you need help or are in trouble of any sort.

10. Hungry for time

They are very quick to steal your precious time form you! They will interrupt you or hinder you from doing anything constructive in life. They cannot digest other people succeeding over them.

11. Dual personality/lives

You must have seen sociopaths and psychopaths in movies. They lead double lives and their past is carefully hidden. They protect their past very fiercely and can go any extreme to keep it intact.

12. Controlling

These people just love control because it gives them all the power to play people like dolls. Their need to feel high and mighty comes from making others feel low and miserable.

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