7 Tactics Used By Sociopaths, Narcissists and Psychopaths to Manipulate You into Silence

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A malignant Narcissist, psychopath or even those with severe antisocial traits indulge in manipulative behavior intended to exploit and demean their partners and/or family members. The one on the receiving end usually ends up hurt and with a distorted version of reality. This happens because a narcissist/sociopath will use all the diversionary methods to deflect blame and make the other person feel responsible for it.

Awful as it is, one could keep him/herself protected by such people by looking out for the below traits and walking away from it:

1. Gaslighting- the reality

This manipulative tactic aims to degrade your sense of reality by making you question your own sense of judgment. Being repeatedly told that something we saw didn’t really happen that way, that we imagined it, and/or that we are plain wrong in our opinion wrecks havoc to our mind.

Once you lose the ability to trust your own decisions it becomes absolutely easy for such a person to stop you from calling out their psychologically abusive behavior.

Let me give you a FREE GIFT!

And many more in the upcoming weeks

2. Projection – of their own shortcomings

It’s a way of avoiding blame for their own deeds by brushing them off on others. This happens when a person is unwilling to acknowledge their own mistakes and do everything in their power to blame it on someone else.

We all have done this at some point of life, however the truly malignant people project their own mistakes on others in a manner that could be called toxic. You become the reason their life is in shambles, and they walk away scot-free.

3. Misrepresentation of others thoughts

Such people will deliberately misrepresent your thoughts and feelings in such an absurd manner that it will look like a character flaw.

Reframing your words into something toxic that makes you look bad would lead you guilt on your part. Your words are regularly misinterpreted according to their own perception, not considering yours at all.

They put words in your mouth, making you look cruel and insensitive.

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4. Changing subjects, shifting accountability

When you discuss a topic they don’t like, or one that portrays them in a bad light, such people will swiftly change the topic. In order to evade their accountability they will either point out your past mistakes or drag in a totally unrelated topic to gain leverage.

5. Calling names, all the wrong kinds

‘Narcissistic rage’ as a term defines the anger such a person has when faced with an argument they cannot discuss logically. Their high sense of superiority makes them resort to name calling to criticize your beliefs and opinions since dragging you down as a person is easier than arguing with well crafted thoughts.

6. Bringing in other’s opinions to triangulate any argument

Many a times such people will bring in the opinions of others who aren’t even remotely related to the conversation in order to validate their abusive behavior. This is done so that you start doubting your own stand since according to them if more people support their point of view, it makes them right.

7. The need to control

The best way devised by such people to maintain power over you is isolation. By isolating you from your family, friends and the world in general, and by manipulating your emotions they gain power over you. This fuels their need to erode your sense of self and make your life toxic.

The only way to fight this negativity is to have power over your mind and emotions. The more in touch you are with your reality, the better equipped you are to face such negativity in life.

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  1. halo

    September 15, 2017 at 8:30 PM

    That is exactly what the government does

  2. ed byrd

    September 15, 2017 at 10:34 PM

    This scenario set forth to identify narcissistic behavior THIS really touches My conditions. My daughter has cut me off for couple years in effort to control. Living in my rental property since 2006 all added up my lost income is staggering and is the reason we have been in large debt and lost anything income/debt related. Everything adds up to greed/narcissist.


    December 4, 2017 at 2:21 PM

    So sad but every single aspect of this article applies to my twin sister. Al our lives, she has pulled me down, criticised me and made a fool of me whenever possible. I simply couldn’t understand WHY until someone pointed out that it was projection. We are such different people but you would think we would be best friends and I have tried and tried–but eventually I have decided for my own sake (to stop me crying every time it happens) to cut the ties. SO SAD but I have now no stress and am surrounded with lovely harmonious people. Everyone says it’s jealously but I can’t see why. SO SAD.

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