9 Signs You Have a Crazy Strong Personality but Are Actually Pretty Sensitive

Being an all-round strong persona for your friends can have the added side-effect of the fact that you end up ignoring your own sensitivity. You’re always pulled in two directions and everyone knows you for being badass and gangsta. But only real friends know how truly sensitive you are at the core.

Here are 9 signs of being tough and sensitive at the same time:

1. You get overwhelmed

The world becomes a little too overwhelming for you because of your badass plus sensitive nature. Your badass nature doesn’t let you follow things blindly and you know that you are in control of your life. You can handle the worse cases scenarios pretty well and if things get tough, you know how to get a way out. But as we mentioned, the win comes with a small side-effect – overwhelming.

2.  You always call people out on their wrongdoings

You are not the kind of person who will just endure silently and not take any action if someone disrespects you or others. You call them out on their wrong behavior and set boundaries for the future. All this is done in a constructive manner without you being thought as a snob. You know how to draw a line and keep things and people from going beyond it.

3. You need time off

You really need time to relax and recharge your spirits. Just because you are strong and fearless, people think that you can always be by their side. But this cannot happen always because you need to spend time with yourself in a peaceful, calm environment.

Don’t forget that natural environments are known to improve quality of life in physical, mental, and spiritual healing, study claims.

4. Selective about dating

You are not made for these commercial dating sites like Tinder. You want real connection with someone and till the time you don’t get that, you will not settle. Since you’re highly intuitive, you will be able to figure out their real intentions and your badass personality will not tolerate if those intentions are not good.

5. “Real” talk, people!

You highly dislike when people hide their true feelings and play it all cool in front of you. Chances are that you have already guessed it so what’s the point for them hiding it? You have the strength to handle the truth no matter how unpleasant it is.

6. It’s not bitching, it’s sensitivity

You are just really sensitive to all the unintelligent people out there in the world that just can’t solve 2+2. It’s not like you are bitching about it.

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7. Being a good listener

You know when to talk and when to listen. You know that there is a time and place for everything, even for your strong opinions. You don’t wear them on your sleeves and you know when to speak out in front of others.

You listen to other people’s dramas and know how to respond. Mostly you listen with the intent of understanding rather than replying.

8. No need for attention

You don’t purposefully look for attention. However, you might find yourself being the center of attention. It’s not your fault that people are naturally drawn to you. You hate it when people show off and do stupid things to grab the attention of others.

9. You become quiet

Your badass nature makes others think that you don’t become quiet or mellow. But that’s not true because you have the potential to just cut-off from the world and get lost in your own world for some time. You get overwhelmed by the energy of others and even if you don’t show it, you need time to get away from all of that.

Your “me” time is very important for you.

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