If You Experience Any Of These 5 Signs You’ve Been Targeted by Dark Witchcraft

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Witchcraft is a ‘craft’ practiced by witches. The reason why it is called witchcraft is because it was mostly practiced by women in ancient times. So in a way, witch craft is usually, but not necessarily associated with women. Another reason was that women stayed at home while the men went out to earn for living. These women helped the people especially women of their community in curing their diseases.

Witchcraft was known as ‘The Craft of the Wise.” It was so called because those who practiced it lived close to the nature and cured the diseases of the people, a service that nobody else could render. Because these witches stayed close to nature, they over a period of time, were able to decode the healing properties of various herbs and plants.

However, it doesn’t not always has to do with something positive… here comes the black and dark magic.

Black magic or dark magic has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. Black magic is the malicious, left-hand counterpart of benevolent white (traditional) magic.

Now, all the people in the world cannot mean good for you. And if everybody likes you, as people quote it, then you have a serious problem.

Let me give you a FREE GIFT!

And many more in the upcoming weeks

However, this is the article to know the symptoms of Aura damage when Witchcraft targets you. Beware!

1. Too much fear

Fear is the most important sign associated with evil crafts and dark magic. If a demonic spirit is summoned or any other evil entity, its first aim is to try to make you feel scared. But scared of what in particular? It could be actually nothing. You could fear the dark even though there is nothing out there or you could fear your own life.

Fear and desire are closely connected in our brains. So our aura translates fear as something we desire.

If you think this is the case with you, then get a Ruby Healing Crystal here as it’ll help in creating a positive atmosphere where you don’t have to fear anymore.

2. Guilt and shame affects us

Another thing to which these entities get attracted to is guilt. If you’re feeling guilty of doing or saying something then apologize and live a guilt-free life. When Witchcraft targets us, the feeling of guilt is completely irrational. You will guilty of things that you shouldn’t even in the first place. This evokes self-hatred in the person.

So don’t fall prey to unnecessary worries and thoughts. Self-love and acceptance are the things to remember.

3. Confusion, confusion!

The common thing what all demonic entities do is to mess with our heads. It doesn’t want to think rationally because then it wouldn’t have any control over us. Confusion is the key to all the chaos.

When we are confused, we make poor choices which gives the dark powers to assault us even more. If you’re feeling too lost at work or at home then think hard as to why you’re feeling like this. One way to come out of it is to meditate.

4. Poor sleep

When we are sleeping, our astral body projects in the non-material world where it receives information and heals itself from the spirit guides, or guardian angels. Every time we sleep, it is like passing to the other side and when we wake up we are reborn.

Evil entities lurk in the dark causing insomnia and bad dreams in order to prevent us from sleeping peacefully. Sleep restores our energies but demonic spirits make it difficult for us to get proper rest. When we are low on energy we are easy targets for them. You can pray every night to ward off the evil influence.

5. Isolation

Humans being are social animals. We like to mix with people and love being appreciated. It gives us a sense of balance and worth. But dark entities make sure that you isolate yourself from other humans so that you are lonely and miserable. Dark witchcraft attacks us when we are alienated from others. Having some me time is different than cutting yourself off from other humans. Think about it!

Dark powers affect our relationship with family and friends. They make us feel at odds with them because then we are an easy target. The more disappointed we feel with people the more we drift away from them. After this, it becomes difficult to be rescued as the bridge between people is nearly broken.

Forgiveness is the key. If you are disappointed then do let others know of it and forgive them and forgive yourself. Do not let anything come between you and your loved ones. By doing this you are protecting everyone including yourself.

If and when evil powers attack you, don’t panic. Try to stay calm because if you start panicking you’ll lose focus and end up making grave mistakes. If you think the matter has gone out of hand, ask for professional help.

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  1. John

    September 21, 2017 at 3:33 AM

    KNowing more about the darkness or the light makes you a target by these evil spirits,. Most cases, are simply people meddling in areas they should not or they have unraveled the truth about our current situation and these evil energies target this person,. In order to discourage them from speaking out and educating the mass. They will often create a sense of overwhelming emotions and this is how they convince others you have lost your mind,. If you dive deep enough into the human psyche.,. You find in every single one of us a thought process that is not our own,. His is the evidence psychologists need to establish a better understanding of our minds,. Most will never grasp the mind past their own comprehension of their own,. Which results in a bias opinion or professional approach. Is is why you never hear doctors admitting when they do not know something or when police get so irritated when you question their motives,. They have invested a great deal into themselves and feel entitled now because of the society we allow to exist,. Where psychopaths prosper and decent people suffer,.,. This actually promoted young people to be psychopathic in nature when they see the ones leading our country’s and organization,. Only the cut throats survive we tell ourselves and eventually a lot of us convinced ourselves to be that cut throats,. How else do we think we can get ahead? Shallow minds controlour world and even shallower minds allow it.

  2. Len

    October 8, 2017 at 3:20 PM

    I tick every one of these boxes, I am 100% confident I have been targeted but I have virtually no idea what to do about it.

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